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Colorado Kid 06-03-21 05:01 AM

New Tire
I have an old Burley Nomad (16+2.0 ) and the tire have seen there better days. I'm thinking of going with a 16+1.0 tire. What is a good brand of tire to look for and who has the lowest prices on it. Amazon has few but mostly off road roads in this size.

brianinc-ville 06-04-21 08:13 PM

I'd definitely go with Schwalbe. I've got a Burley Nomad too, but it's way down in the crawlspace under my house and I don't feel like checking the tire size -- but you mean ISO 305, right? You could definitely get a pair of these: .

Personally, I don't see the point in putting a narrower tire on the Nomad, especially if you're going to carry significant weight. 47-305 would give you a wider range of choices from Schwalbe.

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