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greatbasin 06-25-22 09:57 PM

Advertising and Billboard Cycles
I'm looking for effective ways to carry a sign by bike. I've been using an 18" x 24" corro-plast sign wired to the rear rack and fender, facing rearward. It works, but I'd like to be more refined. I thought about using a trailer for something bigger. A quick image search turned up a few examples. While there are a lot of possibilities, I'm looking for input from people with experience about what actually works well.

There are a variety of purposes for billboard cycles, from commercial advertising, to political campaigns, advocacy, or whatever. I've got my purpose, so I'm not looking for business ideas, just practical how-to.

A lot of the billboard trailers are side-facing. This has obvious aerodynamic advantages, but is more likely to be effective in traffic or urban environments where there are a lot of viewers to the sides, in adjacent lanes and on the sidewalks. For my own needs, I want something that is rear-facing for use on the highway. There are no pedestrians to the sides and vehicles come alongside at 40 to 50 mph, so they're not looking sideways.

There are ample vendors for vinyl and poly banners, corroplast signs, full-color printing on acrylic and PVC sheet or even aluminum. I've been using corroplast because I've had them from prior to using them with a bike. They're light and good-looking, but not the most durable for the wind speeds and vibration hanging on a bike. I'm thinking about switching to acrylic or 3-mil PVC sheet to get something tougher, unless I determine that some kind of frame for a vinyl banner or a polyester fabric banner would be better.

The T-shirt can be seen well since I sit upright on the bike, but I'm a size small and with large enough type to be seen at distance, the signage is extremely limited.

hotbike 07-04-22 11:32 AM

This is the pattern Iíve been using. Coroplast, using mostly hot-melt glue.

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