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bigpedaler 03-08-07 11:16 PM

carried home 18 mi., one town to the next, a complete set of curtains for the living room -- strapped the rods to the top tube, bagged the curtains, tied them together & hung 'em over the stem.

carried home a training wheel bike for my stepson, 7+ mi. after work, laid across my h-bar, pinkies hooked on spokes. set it up for him to ride w/ training wheels set too low, back wheel was off the ground (on purpose), & rolled off the porch laughing at the bewildered look on m'boy's face as he pedaled nowhere fast.

have a child trailer (open, rear-facing), and hauled two family bikes home strapped atop it, and hand-guided another as i rode.

I-Like-To-Bike 03-09-07 07:34 AM


Originally Posted by bigpedaler
have a child trailer (open, rear-facing), and hauled two family bikes home strapped atop it, and hand-guided another as i rode.

Where did you carry the bolt cutter/master key?:)

chephy 03-09-07 08:43 AM

Recently I biked through the following:

- the worst snowstorm we've had in three years (to get home)

- the worst flooding we've had in three years, after the snow that accumulated during the worst snowstorm we've had in three years melted (to get to work)

- really strong winds with really small prickly snow falling from the sky and hurting my eyes and face like hell (to get to a pub and back). Not the worst we've had in years, but the worst I've ridden in in years. Lots of fun! :D

Horse 03-15-07 06:15 PM


lancekagar 03-15-07 07:30 PM

That's how you do it, Horse! Well done!

These were sent to me a while back.

sloegoe 03-16-07 02:54 AM

Hey from sloegoe
I hate flamers!-Steve.

xtrajack 05-13-09 09:18 AM

My first grocery run with with the X was about 90 lbs;

sideshow04 01-15-14 05:02 PM

My bike carry stories include; at a yard sale 10 blocks from home they are shutting down and if I take it now a console TV is free, two guys picked it up for me, and to keep it from twisting endwise rope was tied first to the bars and up and over tv cinched, and across top and a loop createdand held in place the end run down cinched to bar tight then up the other side tothe "held" loop, end pssed thru loop and pulled down in a "hay bale-ers hitch" then I held the top span of line to balance for and aft and home I went. Did I mention this was on a Peugeot road bike? Next, on a Hanter ,very much like a 5-speed Schwinn Holly wood cruiser, that I`ve made my own with a 3 piece crank adapter,Renthal bars from my KX in a splitshot stem and a kickstand that splits into two and is a centerstand, very nice when repairs have a wheel off and parked the fronts in the air, thr bars twist to one side and it looks very much like a Jawa speedway motorcycle. I collect old bikes or interesting unique bikes and theft by stealth is forever a problem but after having this bike 25yrs and the 300 or so others this is the only one any one has tried taking by force. Twice. Any way it was Christmas time and Santa was so broke my girlfriends daughter 5or 6 had bad prospects. I`m not a live in but felt so bad with no idea what to do I just rode the way it felt I should and wandered.This led me about 5 miles or so up Kendall drive (San Bernardino Ca.) to Palm a good gradual uphill grade all the way. At wits and the roads end I cruised thru some apts. to turn around and a lady is dragging a new looking pink Barbie Corvette power wheels car to the dumpster! I pull up state my case and she thinks Gods helpin us both, her little girl has passed and now with no assistance from government she can`t keep her apt and is out tomorrow, and its breakin her heart to dispose of all daughter things but no place to keep them as her dad has no storage and thats her only opt.I show her a photo of Elaine and she visably pales and wobbles and she`s gone just like that and I feel horrible cause picture must have made missing lil girl b4 christmas bad\worse. So I am thinkin how to lug this on the bike and a 45 yr old with a pink corvette on his bike in SB might not be safe , embarassment not withstanding so I pick it up and balance it on the bars to get a feel, its a 60mph 2-lane road I gotta ride the shoulder of with this, and running full speed herte she comes back at me, for a second I panic "did I misunderstand and its not ok if I take this?" But a photo in her hand cause she was so shocked she was choking, and this little girl is Elaines TWIN! To the finest detail even trouble makin kid look. Now I cant talk either and this Lady I don`t even know her name and I are in each others arms and we are just losin it. Her photo so was Elaine it was like I just learned she was killed. and it twiwsts my stomach like I`ve never felt . I couldn`t breath it hurt so and I am shakin as if I am freezing. So to shorten this up a bit we invite her to dinner Christmas and explain to `Laney whats happening and tbhis poor lady lost her Elaine and she is going to be loking at you and its going to feel , or you will be like her little girl just gone is standing saying Hi and there will be a lot of emotion and you will feel it so I got to warn you so it will be easier for you she might cry when she sees you but it will be a happy thing but full of something I`m not sure you are old enough to understand OK? Like any kid she asays "sure bobby no problem" and of she goes. Two days later she is next door when Nancy arrives and parks where any one visiting the complex would park and lots have today already 20 or 30 but Elaine sees this car park and just knows, walks over to the parking area and Nancy is locking her car and does not see Laney come up to her and turns around pivots around Elaine and misses seeing her but almost bumped her and following along Elaine takes her hand like she has known her all her life and Nancy is moved and now they are crying their eyes out and I wonder the shock of the unseen hand grasping hers was not startling and she says " I knew a child was by me I don`t know how and emotional looking to meeting Elaine, momentarily if you can believe forgot Denise was gone and it was her beside me but the actual touch was like a lightning bolt that both brought her back to reality and yet let her understand Denise was right there with her. Later I asked Elaine why she walked to that car and not any of the others and she looked at me like she had no idea how I did not recognize a lady I had asked to dinner and said "Whatcha mean bobby don`t kid arounnd,you knew that was her!" Of course I did but how did she and she acted like it would be stupid for any of use to not know her, Good Christmas for every body, far bertter than any of us thought we would . And I carried that heavy car balanced ot top of my handle bars holding onto the cars bumpers as I could not keep from dropping it with only one it was to heavy and too long to touch the bars ends so not able to brake or shift cars passing 3ft to the left of me balancing that thing on bars that might as well been at home I never even had a "moment"

turbo1889 01-15-14 11:49 PM

So far my personal best record so far is pulling a 1.5-ton load on a car type utility flatbed trailer behind a long tail cargo e-bike (only 360-watt electric motor, AKA= small electric motor and if I hadn't been pedaling really strong myself it would have killed the motor, I probably did more work then the electric motor, I pedaled really hard and ran the electric motor both) with a tow dolly which is a two wheel bike trailer that has a ball hitch mounted between the two wheels for hitching up to a full size car type trailer. Distance was a little over 10-miles. That does not include the weight of the trailer itself which was probably about 200 pounds and I had about 150 pounds of cargo on the bike (customized Yuba Mondu) as well.

I have yet to beat that personal best record, it was back roads so not much harassment or trouble from cagers.

chriskmurray 01-18-14 05:41 PM

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This was one of the more entertaining heavy loads. Helping a friend move by bike, would have been really stable until at the last minute I decided to throw a tool box on top of the snap deck. I know better than that much weight up high but in the end it was not horrible.

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