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qmsdc15 07-17-10 02:55 PM

That's a very smart looking trailer, Oregon Commuter! Nice first post. Welcome!

qmsdc15 07-17-10 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by LucianTheOne (Post 11086210)
That trailer is for snow and arctic use. In that pipes is stored gas for cooking stove. The bike has same spacing between dropouts, front and rear. So, the wheel from trailer can be used on the bike. Are sprockets instaled on the trailer wheel and the front wheel. 3 back wheels completly equiped.
If you want I have a few more pictures.

What do you use this bike/trailer for? It looks really heavy. Is a single wheel trailer that massive difficult to control?

bloompedal08 07-20-10 06:16 PM

the new rig:

c-dale quick and 3' x 5' trailer

BossCat 07-22-10 04:14 AM

Looking nice Bloom, You'll need to paint the trailer to match bike ;)


CenturionII 07-24-10 11:21 AM

3 Attachment(s)

Here is my converted child carrier. I used some left over PVC piping and ventilated shelving I had. Supports my 200 lb weight easily. The shelving works great for attaching the bungies.

I'll need to fashion some fenders for it if I ever intend to use it in the wet.

BossCat 07-24-10 12:29 PM

My latest creation
Got hold of a Schwinn Spoiler that I plan on restoring up a bit....

The plan is to have a Black bike with Gold wheel rims and a few other parts picked out in gold. I also plan on fitting it with one of those RC motors..... Zzzzzooooooom :D

I had to clean up the springer forks that were quite rusted. I was going to have them rechromed but I think it'll cost to much? So I may strip them down and paint them Black.

I swapped out the handlebars for a pair of minimoto bars I had laying around, i'll get better one's once I can afford it.

I had my mate Peter (he does all my welding) cut off the top of the small sissybar and weld a couple of extensions on, its looking ok but I may have to alter the angle a bit? we'll see how it looks once I get a back rest made up for it.

I cut up some angle iron and made up a tow frame which I took around to my mate Peter's to get him to weld it up. Back home I added some paint, bolted on my towball, hooked up my push trailer (no batteries, there on recharge) and took it for a quick spin around the block, It handled ok. I'll try out the motor on my trailer tomorrow once I hook up all the wiring and recharge the batteries.

The more I research I do about these bikes the more ideas I get in my head :rolleyes:
I may even get in touch with my mate Gareth and see if he can knock me up one of these?...

Then I may end up with something like this....

oooh, i'll need to lay down :lol:


Gareth 07-25-10 02:32 AM

No need for you to get in touch with me about knocking up a rear trike converstion kit ..... .... .... making and stocking those as retro refit kits is a priority of Cargo Cycles. I have been working on the design of a suitable differential unit for a while now, as I do not like the two freewheel assemblies usually installed in that kind of set up.

zachdees 07-29-10 07:26 PM

this is my trailer im still working on the hook it doesnt seem to want to stay hitched

Uploaded with

dayworks 09-01-10 06:49 AM

3 Attachment(s)
We have product! Here is the latest model of the Little Red trailer. I'm making and selling these locally in Minneapolis USA with recycled materials. Here's what i improved from the previous model: Simpler and more rugged cargo box, larger diameter tube on tow arm. The tow arm detaches to making shipping the product possible. A much improved laser cut stays clamp.more info at www.redbiketrailer.com

Nightshade 09-01-10 09:42 AM


Originally Posted by zachdees (Post 11198450)
this is my trailer im still working on the hook it doesnt seem to want to stay hitched

Uploaded with

Your wheels are to far back, mate. This places way to much weight on the trailers tongue.

BossCat 09-02-10 09:17 AM


Originally Posted by Nightshade (Post 11393244)
Your wheels are to far back, mate. This places way to much weight on the trailers tongue.

Nightshade is right, your wheels are why to far back. Idealy your wheels should be in the center of your frame or slightly to the rear of center. You must remember when loading a trailer you have to place heavy items over the wheel axle and lighter items towards the front and rear. Heavy item on the rear ofyour trailer will make it tip up raising your back bike wheel off the ground. Heavy items placed on the front of your trailer will place to much strain on the tow arm.

Move the wheels to the center of your trailer and try a test run, you'll soon see the benifit of doing this.


purplepeople 09-02-10 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by BossCat (Post 11399070)
Idealy your wheels should be in the center of your frame or slightly to the rear of center.

The rule of thumb is to set trailer tongue weight at about 10% of the load and typically this positions the trailer axle around 60% of the trailer length from the front. For example, a trailer that is 5 feet long will have the axle around 3 feet from the front.


trailz 09-05-10 08:03 AM

1993 GF with modified Burley Flat bed
1 Attachment(s)
Here we are, coming home with $143.87 of groceries.
I've loaded this trailer with so much at times that I thought the axles might break. Still holds it all together.

BTW, I didn't like the way the trampoline held, so I used a piece of plywood, cut a bunch of 2" holes in it (to make it lighter) and bolted it on. It also gives me many more points to hook a bungy. I also added shock-cord over the sides to hold the verticles down so I can now hook to the top bar.Attachment 168371

Antiping 09-08-10 07:10 PM

1 Attachment(s)
here is my trailer. Built from an old Burley kid carrier.

Charlie_R 09-10-10 11:01 AM

new bike, new hitch
Totaled my old beater, no wreck, just worn out. Would have cost the price of a new to fix, just for the parts. Bought a new one (don't gag too hard!) from wally world. Decided my trailer hitch just wasn't doing it for me any more. I don't like the turning limits you get with the typical chainstay tube hitch, so am designing my own.

Here are a few pics of the wooden mock-up I've done. Held onto the bike with rubber bands, that's why the center post at the back. I needed to check clearances etc. to make sure it is going to work.

I should have gotten pics of the entire process, but here's what I have so far:

My workshop-

I've seen it written several places, "If you wait until you have all the right equipment, you'll never get projects started. Use what you have on hand, then upgrade as you go along." This is why I'm using mostly woodworking tools for my projects.

Anyway, Here are a few pics of what I have so far:

There will be a brace on both sides when finished, needed to make sure it wasn't going to interfere with the rear derailleur, and adjust placement accordingly.

The square tubing is from an old broken golf bag cart, and the round is a piece of EMT conduit left over from a job I did for a friend. The aluminum plate is salvaged from some cabinetwork bought at auction, mainly for the exotic woods they were made of. The plate was used for drawer bottoms.

Using old inner tubes for spacing and frame protection, should have the added benefit of shock mounting as well. We'll see how well this works, if at all.

I will be making a U-joint for the actual connection to the trailer, and remake the tow bar on that for a centered system. will post more as I get things done.

Charlie_R 09-16-10 07:09 PM

more of the new hitch
Got it all assembled today, did a final test fit.

Will have to got to the HW store to get the vinyl covered clamps to mount it, as well as the hitch pins. I'm going to cut the head off the hitch bolt and drill for the pins. Needs to be quick attach & remove, an improvement over the last one with the double nuts arrangement.

Next step will be modifying the trailer to fit with the centered hitch. Will start on that tomorrow, after the final install of the hitch. will post pics of the completed unit.

I am also wanting to put mudguards on the bike, as I am out in all weather with my deliveries. I'll post those pics in a new thread.

Stu In Tokyo 09-20-10 11:42 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here is my trailer I built it myself and I use it every day to do deliveries for my shop...

Attachment 170622

Here it is loaded down with 165 pounds of stuff......

Attachment 170623

Got to ride slowly and carefully with that much weight on there! :thumb:

dayworks 09-22-10 06:24 PM

I just found out about this company - I like their work.

worthlees 09-24-10 03:12 AM

Charlie , like the low center of gravity on your new design ! Will there be enough clearance for bad weather riding ? I ride a wally world bike too ! It was a freebe
& wanted to try multi-geared bike . Good luck & safe rides .

Charlie_R 09-24-10 04:25 PM

Worthlees, thank you for the comment. Yes, I think there will be enough room for foul weather riding. Will be putting mudguards on the bike before the snow flies, that will keep most of the crud contained.

Had to make a small change in the design. The inner tube wraps on the chainstays didn't work out so well. Allowed too much movement of the framework. So I made a couple of plates and clamped them on with 4 vinyl covers clamps each. Is now solid!

There is one caveat with this system though, in order to remove the rear wheel, I have to pull the skewer completely out.

Left side view:

Right oblique:

Complete with trailer:

Close-up of hitch:

Next project for the bike is figuring out how to make a front carrier.

HillbillyDeluxe 09-26-10 09:57 AM

Here's my farm bike with its trailer

HillbillyDeluxe 09-26-10 10:03 AM

4 Attachment(s)
Here's my farm bike with its trailer

BossCat 09-27-10 07:34 AM

Nice job Charlie,

I have a similar setup on the back of my bike but I use a small ball joint...

I changed this setup when I motorized my trailer as I didn't think the towball would hold up, plus I needed the trailer to be able to Yaw n' pitch - tip on bumpy ground. But I ended up going back to the ball hitch, it has held up nicely but I dont have a lot of yaw n' pitch.

Looks like you have solved the Yaw n' Pitch with the first joint on your hitch - if this in fact swivels?


Charlie_R 09-28-10 05:19 AM

Thank you!
Yes, each joint swivels. I have a wood "bearing" in the first joint where it attaches to the mainframe, to take up the space inside the square tubing.

That is the same trailer I built shown earlier in this thread, modified for this set-up. I shortened and centered the hitch portion, and the deck. I had a problem with cornering with the trailer at speeds above 10mph(16kph) with the long tongue, wanted to flip if the trailer hit any sort of a bump. Tacoed a couple of wheels from the extreme side loading when that happened. can take corners at 18mph(29kph) now before the inside wheel wants to leave the ground. I figured out that I didn't need a 5 foot (1.5 metre) long deck for the loads I carried.

That little homebuilt pulls like a dream now! Is also so much easier to maneuver in close quarters, and stores in the garage easier too.

I will be building another trailer soon, with adjustable length for hauling long lumber, similar to the BAW idea. Front section will separate from the wheel section when loaded, and the wheels placed near the balance point of the load. The lumber would be tied securely to both sections making the lumber itself become the body of the trailer. When not loaded the sections will be connected with these.

mantic 10-01-10 10:22 AM

Started with a Trek Kid's Trailer. Added wooden deck lined with Aluminum rails. Built last weekend to haul my tools around. I used tie up a Tool Chest with Wheels behind me. Rode that till the wheels literally fell off. I had made another trailer from a shopping cart and wheelchair. A bit heavy and tracking was off. Decided to try a single wheel trailer based on thoughts and ideas garnered from this site (thanks). Seems to be working out ok, so far.
Started with a 24" wheel, but have changed it to a 20".
I want to add electric motor in the future to it.

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