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Nycycle 06-13-08 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by dwilkinsjr (Post 6419590)
You can get them online. Do a google search for SMV sign. SMV = Slow Moving Vehicle

Or you can try a different hardware / farm store. Homedepot, Lowes, etc. They shouldn't be too hard to find.

Thanks for the heads up on them relflectors,,,,,
They got many to pick from....

HandsomeRyan 06-16-08 08:17 AM

Here are some pictures of the stereo trailer I built for some rides here in Knoxville. It uses a commercial trailer arm donated by a fellow cyclist. The platform is made of plywood and the axels are 1/2" threaded rod welded on one end and using lock nuts on the other. Body is made of polyster impregnated fleece.

The stereo is powered by a car battery and uses a car audio amplifier to push two 6.5" speakers. Signal is provided via an iPod or other Mp3 player. It isn't as heavy or as hard to pull as you might expect.

Total build cost was right around $200 but the trailer arm was donated and the car batery is borrowed from a cyclist who rarely uses her car in favor of riding her bike. I also already had all the tools and some of the stereo parts laying around my garage was well.


It has a flat lid that covers the battery hatch but it wasn't built yet when I took these pics.

Sixty Fiver 06-16-08 10:55 AM

It's bike month in Edmonton and like last year we can say that no cars will be used to transport anything... I've been towing our mobile bike shop all over the city with one of our BAW trailers as mine is getting a refit.

Artkansas 06-16-08 01:22 PM

Here's my Bikes At Work 64AW, behind my Specialized Hard Rock

gldrgidr 06-19-08 01:46 PM

[QUOTE=HandsomeRyan;6889631]Here are some pictures of the stereo trailer I built for some rides here in Knoxville... QUOTE]

Do you realize that no matter what kind of music you like, most people along your ride will consider your music as a major irritation. This would be in the same category as a boom box on a subway. Do we want the public to hate bicycle riders?

Thulsadoom 06-19-08 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by HandsomeRyan (Post 6889631)
Do we want the public to hate bicycle riders?

Do you think that the "public" is particularly entralled with slow moving, lycra-short-wearing, side of the road, smelly, bicycle riders now?

gldrgidr 06-19-08 02:37 PM

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I know that this is probably not a big deal to anyone but me, but here is my grocery getter - a $15 used Kid Kaboose.

HandsomeRyan 06-20-08 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by gldrgidr (Post 6909796)
Do you realize that no matter what kind of music you like, most people along your ride will consider your music as a major irritation.

Major irritation may be pushing it a little. I don't expect that every person within earshot at any given moment will love my music or even appreciate it but I imagine most will just ignore it for the 8 to 10 seconds I'll be within earshot then they can go back to living their lives as usual. What I built is not like a jacked up car stereo full of subwoofers with bass that rattles the dishes inside peoples houses from 3 blocks away, this just playes music at a volume where it can be enjoyed by multiple cyclists riding close together.


Originally Posted by gldrgidr (Post 6909796)
This would be in the same category as a boom box on a subway.


Originally Posted by gldrgidr (Post 6909796)
Do we want the public to hate bicycle riders?

Bartender, I'll have whatever he's drinking...

(A) We don't have subways in Knoxville, TN so I wouldn't know anything about boomboxes on subway cars?

(B) A subway car is an enclosed space where the music will remain in close proximity to the other passengers for several minutes with no way for the other passengers to avoid the noise, a trailer being pulled behind a bicycle will only be close to potential bystanders for a few seconds at most. Apples/Oranges.

(C) Cars already hate bikers around here. I think it has more to do with cyclists slowing traffic, running stopsigns, saving money on gas, and jelousy over our spectacular leg muscles but not so much our noisy trailers.

And most importantly...

(D) As mentioned in my original post, this trailer was only built for use at ceratin rides, not everyday cruising. Many of the rides are sanctioned by the city and usually end up with nearly 200 riders under full police escort. We even have an iPod playlist of family-friendly and largely bicycle-themed music to use. Although it began as an idea for use on the Critical Mass rides; an employee with the city's Transportation Planning Organization saw what we had built and invited it to the city-sponsored rides because it is so awesome.

:saweeet: I hope you can tell that I'm just teasing you. :hug: I understand the intention of your post and it is certainly something to consider. :beer: We actually decided not to bring the trailer to an upcoming ride because it will be largely on greenway trails and the trailer and it's noise might be a nuisance to folks wanting to enjoy a scenic nature ride. We're saving it for some of the "rowdier" city rides later in the summer. It'll be a huge hit there fo' sho'!

gldrgidr 06-20-08 03:49 PM

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Originally Posted by Thulsadoom (Post 6909913)
Do you think that the "public" is particularly entralled with slow moving, lycra-short-wearing, side of the road, smelly, bicycle riders now?

My post was a bit harsh. Will cool it.

I represent your smelly comment. The grocery store is just under 3 miles away and during the last heat spell (95 F) as I was checking out my groceries, I overheard one of the clerks commenting about someone needing a shower.

From now on everytime someone talks about lycra wearing bicycle riders, this photo will pop into my mind (stolen from the 50+ forum).

toodman 06-26-08 08:22 AM

Suitcase Trailer
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The post above is a hard one to follow ;) but here's a little trailer I built for touring with a folding bike. The folder and disassembled trailer frame fits inside for air travel. More info at:
I appreciate any ideas for improvements.
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jmichaeldesign 07-09-08 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike (Post 6798150)
Here is what dey look like!

Interesting that New Belgium has to print MI return information on their label considering it isn't sold anywhere east of Chicago.

Aller!Aller! 07-24-08 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by JackJ (Post 6796478)
I just completed my first trailer using the Wike DIY kit with an extra set of connectors and upgraded wheels. I built this specifically to do the weekly recycling/trash drop off run, and so far, so good. Didn't have much weight on it for the first trip, but it handled great.

Hi Jack...that trailer is perfect for what i want! I'm without a car and during the fall and summer, i get many calls to sub in as goalie for hockey, but not everyone wants to give me a lift. That'd be awesome to lug my huge goalie bag around!

Can you PM me with some specs(size, materials used, the hitch arm assembly, etc)?


zeppinger 07-25-08 04:14 AM

This is my new favorite thread!

istomtom 08-14-08 06:54 PM

Built from scratch... for plans, mine is somewhat modified from the DS plans.

Still need to fashion a floor...

How2 08-15-08 10:56 AM

hey istomtom,

Nice job on that trailer. Looks great! Thanks for the closeup photos.

I am especially interested in that fine looking hitch. Can you explain what the parts are that you used? Thanks!

istomtom 08-18-08 12:26 PM

Parts breakdown
Addtl info for part #4, not fully tightened. Part #3 can rotate in the steel bushing but the nylon part on the nylock nut is engaged so that it will not come loose. This hitch provides full range of motion: Yaw, Pitch and Roll. Pitch by function of the ball joint (though limited at some point), 360 degree yaw by the pin rotating in the ball joint, and 360 degree roll by the ball joint rotating in the steel bushing.

chaadster 08-24-08 03:12 PM

Yeah, istomtom, that's a great looking trailer! Aluminum mesh screen might make a good flooring choice.

Here's some pics of my setup, a Performance brand single wheel trailer and a Chariot Sidecarrier sidecar when I really need to load it up (kid or extra stuff). The trailer isn't appropriate for much over 60lbs, unfortunately.

Sixty Fiver 09-02-08 10:31 PM

My new trailer... I reclaimed an old kiddie trailer, installed a deck, and fitted some nice alloy wheels.

Chicagoan 09-08-08 07:46 AM

I posted mine here last year with a bike that got stolen, the trailer sat for 4 months and I finally ordered a new hitch. Now I tow with a 1969(December 1968) Schwinn Varsity.
an old english 3 speed that I liberated
Fire wood I did 6 loads of this 1 mile roundtrip empty downhill, loaded uphill

HandsomeRyan 09-09-08 02:48 PM

Sneak preview of the new trailer for the Tour de Lights 2008. Obviously I'm going in a different direction than last years sleigh trailer.

Box is made of 100% recycled white oak [heavy!] from some old pallets. the frame is welded steel [also heavy].

It should be really cool once I get it 'trimmed out' for the holiday season.

badmother 09-09-08 04:00 PM

Cool trailer!

Chicagoan 09-11-08 07:36 PM

I agree, very cool wow will it connect?

HandsomeRyan 09-25-08 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by Chicagoan (Post 7451026)
[how] will it connect?

If you are refering to the coal cart trailer, it uses a trailer arm made of steel counduit with an airline quick connect welded to it. I have a welded castor wheel bracket/airline quick connect hitch I made that strappes onto the bike.

I need to get some new pictures up. The "lid" is complete now.

If you ever want to build a homemade trailer here is how not to do it-

Weld a steel frame capable of holding 10x the weight the trailer will ever actually see.

Build a trailer body out of oak lumber reclaimed from old pallets. [oak is very heavy]

Use your background in composites fabrication to make a nice light weight pine and fiberglass lid -then- quite literally, glue rocks to it.

I think this coal cart trailer give Billy-the-(lead filled)-Boombox a run for his money as heaviest trailer.

rbrian 10-18-08 11:28 AM

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This is my Revolution Cargo Trailer, a shameless copy of a Bob Yak,
being towed by a cheap Halfords Carrera Subway. I bought the trailer
yesterday, and used it for the first time today. As well as the two LEDs
on the bike, there are two more on the top rail of the trailer just in front
of the wheel. They're obscured by the ladder from this angle, but they
can be seen from behind. Sorry about the poor picture, I don't have a
real camera, just a mobile (cellphone).

Chicagoan 10-18-08 02:17 PM

looks good

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