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michael k 03-08-10 07:42 PM


Call it "Rough Rider" ;)

bugly64 03-11-10 12:25 PM

Just got it and already loading it down.

bugly64 03-11-10 06:24 PM

My kids said it looked like a Darleck was attacking me.

Blakey 03-29-10 04:57 PM

Grocery getter:
Reynolds 753 road frame, repurposed as a light duty shopping bike. More details on parts etc on the flickr page.

Heavy Hauler:
Shogun Trail Breaker, Tange MTB OS, 3x7sp, now with Footsies.

B + M 04-13-10 07:08 AM

cargo bike
Here is my home built cargo bike. I still have some work to do, but its a blast to ride


sseaman 04-22-10 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by Sixty Fiver (Post 6480251)
Asana - Your bike is like a blast from the past... mine was green when I found it.

What brand of bike is the green one?

vaultbrad 04-22-10 05:26 PM

Hunter I believe

Gareth 04-28-10 11:21 AM

Well, I am now officially a White Van Man (WVM) :lol:

Alas, not a Cargo Cycles creation: I have scheduled building Cargo Tricycles and Quads in the Autumn, so I have bought this Secondhand AVD Loadmaster van to Hire out for the time being.

It has a set of Sram 7 speed internal hub gears, and a two chain ring front derailleur set up giving me 14 pedalling speeds in total. Plus selectable; pedal assist electric drive, or full electric drive, road legal lighting, Sturmey Archer Drum brakes all round. Rear (lockable) roller shutter door and a wire mesh swing out door (for carrying dogs: the van originally transported Customs and Revenue sniffer dogs around an Airport). The van body has a capacity 1.2 cu/metre and 250 kg payload

I shall be fitting a 12 volt rotating amber beacon tomorrow, and on Friday I have two, 30 watt X 12 Volt solar panels being delivered, which I will also fit to the roof to assist with battery charging.

I now have to work like crazy tomorrow, Friday and this weekend as my new JD2 H3 tube bender also arrived today (at long last after being held up by Customs and Revenue for nearly a month), along with getting the Van serviced, cleaned, polished, and Cargo Cycles logo decals fitted ready for Monday morning, when a certain major political Party has hired it as a campaigning vehicle until after polling next Thursday.

dwnptrl_777 04-28-10 11:23 AM

Love it, Gareth!

The Human Car 04-28-10 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by dwnptrl_777 (Post 10736213)
Love it, Gareth!


Sixty Fiver 04-28-10 04:43 PM

With spring here the extrabike is even busier as it is my parts hauler as well as my mobile service bike... nice to get off the studded tyres and fitted a new stand and clipless pedals the other day.

This was a load of very hard to find vintage tyres I received from another local collector who had no use for them.

Sixty Fiver 04-28-10 04:51 PM

This thread never ceases to amaze me and inspire me... purchased a heavy duty sewing machine late last fall and plan on fabricating my own sling bags for my extrabike and panniers and bags for other rides.

qmsdc15 05-02-10 02:36 PM

The white van, man!

Gareth 05-02-10 04:10 PM


Originally Posted by qmsdc15 (Post 10754616)
The white van, man!

I have to admit that I've enjoyed messing about on the Pedi-van over the last few days; having ridden on it around the local industrial, commercial and residential areas and generated lots of odd looks, and some business interest . However, now she has to go out to work, and earn her living as a hire van. So whenever I can I will photographer her out and about doing her thing. For the time being she's being hired out in Pedal only drive due to the fact that the batteries are completely dead and awaiting replacement, but that means 18 year olds + without driving licences can use her. With the academic year coming to an end soon I expect loads of enquiries from the students attending the University of East Anglia which is only about a mile down the road from the Cargo Cycles workshop.

dzrthauler 05-02-10 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by Gareth (Post 10754950) of these bad boys in every garage... the whole "a chicken in every pot " thing...

Standalone 05-03-10 08:10 AM

home from Lowe's.

Blakey 05-19-10 07:42 AM

I was lucky enough to get a test ride of a Velo Orange Polyvalent over the weekend, built up with mostly VO parts by Commuter Cycles in Melbourne, Australia. This really is what a citybike should be like. Sturdy front rack, 2 leg stand, upright position, bright dyno lights, low trail and fat 650B tyres. Handles like a dream with a front load, needs to get pretty heavy (>10kg / 20lbs) before the frame starts to flex excessively.

Photoset on Flickr

bw286 05-19-10 11:51 AM

my nashbar touring bike. will be a light grocery hauler this summer. i have an xtracycle for the serious stuff, like beer runs.

dumginger 05-29-10 08:45 PM

How it usally looks...

VT tallbike 06-08-10 10:49 AM

Thought some of you might appreciate the cycle truck I just built. So far I've carried my 185lb friend on it without any trouble, slow speeds, and turns are effortless since the rack is mounted to the frame. NO WHEEL FLOP. Gonna have to throw a party soon so I have an excuse to put a full keg on it.

DogBoy 06-11-10 02:25 PM

This is my utility bike until its sold. I find I can do most everything with a breezer 8 now:

ZiP0082 06-12-10 03:51 PM
My 59cm Kogswell P/R: just got new bars, brake levers, and tape :)

ak08820 06-25-10 07:32 AM

This is a knife sharpening bike I saw in the city of Toluca in Mexico. He must be using the rear wheel to drive the grinding wheel via a belt. Wooden box on the main tube and home made pannier are inspiring.

montanafan 07-01-10 07:31 PM

Little rack, and a little guy.
More pics:

dwnptrl_777 07-01-10 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by montanafan (Post 11049281)

Good Lord....that is fantastic.

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