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donnamb 08-26-07 05:41 PM

Great news, Bek. :) And when Bek says out of town, he means jaunts like riding his bike from Seattle to Portland and back again.

MyBikeGotStolen 08-26-07 06:41 PM

Just noticed that I haent posted a pic of my bike yet. Its not much to look at, but it is the one getting all the miles while the other 3 just sit at home

Percist 08-26-07 09:35 PM


Originally Posted by sherpa93 (Post 5146404)
Wood racks home made stuff:) not completely finished;) Goal is transport 8 cases of beer 10 miles its getting closer

Nice woodworking! sharp jointery, radius edges, cleanly bored holes. Any plans to build up a matching trailer for a keg?

Bekologist 08-26-07 09:51 PM

2 Attachment(s)
pics of the new in town utility bike.

these bikes are four casers... two up front, one case each side in back...

for comparision, OLD utility bike on left. Frame broke last year after ten years of heavy use.

NEW utility bike on right.

I envision a Critical Mass with 15-20 (empty) banana boxes strapped to the rear baskets on boards, a la third world utility bikes....

donnamb 08-26-07 10:02 PM


Originally Posted by Percist (Post 5150475)
Any plans to build up a matching trailer for a keg?

Or even a wood rack to put on an existing trailer that would keep the keg stable and not roll.


Originally Posted by Bekologist (Post 5150591)
pics of the new in town utility bike.

Nice. :beer:

sherpa93 08-27-07 01:36 AM

5 Attachment(s)

Nice woodworking! sharp jointery, radius edges, cleanly bored holes. Any plans to build up a matching trailer for a keg?
Hey Thanks Percist :) I really dont drink that much beer. No trailer plans yet but you never know. Right now at 85 lbs on rear rack(s) front wheel comes off the ground, squirrelly riding at best. Hence front rack for weight distribution, old hats like Bek already know this;) (and still break frames!) Donna, I thought the Burley flatbed was made for U of O students to haul kegs around:p update: completed 5 sep 2007

donnamb 08-27-07 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by sherpa93 (Post 5151284)
Donna, I thought the Burley flatbed was made for U of O students to haul kegs around:p

I don't know about that, but the Burley Flatbed is excellent for Portland grown-ups with no motor vehicle to haul many different things around. :)

weed eater 08-27-07 08:49 PM

Kogswell p/r, 1st gen frame with a whole lot of various parts. I built this up myself last fall and it's been on the road since December 06. I needed a bike for camping, but of course we only can go bike camping once or twice a year, so for the rest of the year it's my everyday cargo bike, grocery getter, and trailer puller. The fork is designed for front loads and it works very well. Click here for a build detail.



donnamb 08-27-07 08:57 PM

Ha, I know that bike... :)

weed eater 08-27-07 09:20 PM

yes ma'am!

Sammyboy 08-30-07 05:01 AM

Here's mine as it stands, but expect changes, oh yes.....

chocula 09-02-07 08:03 AM

Here's my 1989 Schwinn Mesa Runner (before Xtracycle conversion):


Suntour Blaze crankset from a Specialized road bike
Nitto Northroad bars
Delta AirZound horn
Brooks B.17 saddle
Cork grips
Nashbar LDT rear rack and "Townie" grocery bag panniers
Two Cateye EL200 lights up front, Planet Bike Superflash on seatpost.
SKS/ESGE fenders
Michelin Transworld City tires.
NOS Suntour BMX pedals from a thrift store

weed eater 09-02-07 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by chocula (Post 5193988)
Here's my 1989 Schwinn Mesa Runner (before Xtracycle conversion):

That's lovely.

chocula 09-03-07 05:20 AM


Originally Posted by weed eater (Post 5194937)
That's lovely.

Thanks, Patrick. By the way, I really enjoy your blog.

bmclaughlin807 09-25-07 03:39 AM

Huh... I thought this was in here...

Here's my beast... errr.. tank.

Her name is Tankerbelle. She gets me where I'm going... whether that be to the store, work, to the top of a 14,000+ foot mountain, or on a 600km brevet.

My new headbadge I added:

alicestrong 09-27-07 08:14 PM

My simple grocery getter...I fit one bag in the front basket, another bag in each pannier and bulky stuff gets strapped on top of rack...

Cody Broken 09-28-07 01:22 AM


Originally Posted by oldfool (Post 5049271)
Here is my dedicated grocery getter a 1976 Schwinn. This bike started out to be a restoration project but after I cleaned it up and rode it a few times I realized that this was really a sweet bike and suitable for an old man. The rack is made from a discarded skate board trimmed to fit. The stay for it is the seat stay from a frame I had taken other parts from for another project. Strong, wide and flat it makes a good seat for a passenger or to tie down a case of beer. The half-buckets are held on by industrial zip ties. I had planned to do something more sophisticated but zip ties are so cheap and quick I have continued to use them. Since the bicycle is used for cargo I leave the buckets installed. I can get more in them than I really want to carry. The front bucket is a Bell off the shelf item easily detached and really convenient with a carrying handle.
The original running gear has all been replaced with heavier stuff. The original wheels were light weight 1 3/8's replaced with 1.95's on steel wheels. The original gearing was a 10 speed but is now a 15 speed. The crank set is a 3 piece and has 3 chain rings (28-38-48) and the rear is 14 through 28. I don't have any hills here (unless you count the bridges) so you'd think I wouldn't need that kind of gearing but there are no bike paths, side walks or smooth shoulders either. Sometimes I need the gearing to get through the tall grass, gravel and in and out of pot holes. I retained the stem shifting levers for the chain ring shifting (nostalgia) and have an index shifter for the rear. Mostly I stay on the center ring (38t).
The brakes have been replaced with heavier duty rim brakes and would be inadequate for hilly country but that is not here.
The bike is stable and rock solid empty or under load. It weighs 45lbs.
I haven't needed more capacity yet but I think I will add an extension like the extracycle only home made. I'll post pictures when I do.
It ain't real pretty but it works and I have become emotionally involved. I get offended when it is insulted. Maybe I need professional psychiatric help.

You are my friend. I love your bike and the ingenuity you employed to make it what it is.

Cody Broken 09-28-07 01:31 AM


Originally Posted by rstorment (Post 5061954)
Ive been toying with this old mountain bike for a while now. The wooden rack that I built can now hold the weight an adult, so it does a good job of carrying my junk... and it cost very very little to make. With the semi-slick tires, it has become my commuter, since I only have 0.7 miles to work :) and it allows me to be 95% car-free! Coming soon, wooden (lockable) removable panniers, wooden fenders, & homemade trailer.

You sir, are also my friend and another whose passion and fearless creativity I admire.

Cody Broken 09-28-07 01:41 AM

I shall now introduce my bike I call the Bruiser. I totally rebuilt it from its stock form (15 speed drive train, front/rear u-brakes). Replaced all those components with a 1 speed coaster brake wheel and then installed the baskets and milk crate. It is ugly, heavy and slow. But it is also absolutely reliable, can carry a ton and I am very fond of it. It has more personality than I do.

Cody Broken 09-28-07 01:47 AM

Weed eater - your bike is very pretty, and practical. Very nice.

roughrider504 10-02-07 05:30 PM

I was in the middle of mocking up my utility bike project when I thought, man a utility bike just is not a utility bike without a huge rack! After a bit of shaping, cutting and bolting of steel I had a 15x15 flatbed. The real amount of weight it will be carrying daily is about 10 pounds but I wanted to put it through some misery before I started using it. 55-70lbs later it was asking for more. . . I didn't have more! :eek: :)

donnamb 10-02-07 11:03 PM


premodern 10-03-07 07:01 AM[/QUOTE]

Cody Broken,

I LOVE IT!! It is a perfect example of "Less is More" and is full of recycled character.

roughrider504 10-07-07 05:51 PM

The finished product. She came out really nice, in a not so attractive way. It will get an Sturmey hub soon enough.

Cody Broken 10-08-07 08:23 AM

roughrider504 - I beg of you to post a close-up photo of that rack. Posting the photo of that rack with all those blocks on it, and then posting those photos taken from 10 feet away is sadistic teasing to a freak like me.

I must see the rack up close! Pretty please.

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