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zoltani 12-19-08 04:38 PM

That's cool. I net so many people use that kind of thing as an excuse not to go car free, "but how will i take the tree home?!?". You sir are an inspiration!

UncleJoey 12-22-08 11:48 PM

Nothing extreme...but I hauled my unused treadmill a little over a mile to my friend's house.

Used my Burley kids trailer I made into a flatbed. Top heavy like no other. Glad that was over, now I can enjoy my case of beer while his wife begins her workout.


mechanicalron 03-10-09 12:24 AM

Originally Posted by astronomerroyal (Post 7740347)
Trailer train. Recycling beer bottles. This resulted in a 20USD refund (Michigan.)

That is sweet! Do you get any "fish tail" effect with your trailer train? That is one way to keep the load over the axle and I love Michigan!!!

qmsdc15 05-05-09 07:27 PM

qmsdc15 05-06-09 01:48 PM

At work
At play

himfilth 05-07-09 05:25 AM

From being a newbie to this site and having so much to look through up here, I'm amazed at what can be carried / hauled with a bike. I love it

rbrian 05-08-09 04:18 AM

You gotta love Bikes At Work.

qmsdc15 05-08-09 04:13 PM

Stopped by Barry's place while running a crosstown errand.

bloompedal08 05-08-09 05:21 PM

Preparing for a scrapyard run (only 120# of cans, though it looks like a lot)

qmsdc15 05-19-09 05:22 PM

Originally Posted by Sixty Fiver (Post 6841598)

That's so cute!

How many trailers do you have? I think I've seen three in this thread. I have a BOB Yak and a BAW 63A. I get lots of comments on the BAW, but nobody seems to notice the BOB. "That's so cute" was the only comment I remember hearing about my BOB. Yours is so much cuter though behind the folder. So much utility in such a small package. :)

astronomerroyal 05-20-09 05:03 PM

Originally Posted by mechanicalron (Post 8501562)
That is sweet! Do you get any "fish tail" effect with your trailer train? That is one way to keep the load over the axle and I love Michigan!!!

Thanks. No fish-tailing, but I'm fairly slow (~12mph). Yes, Michigan's a lovely place. Wish I had more time here - still trying to work out how to get to the Upper Peninsula from Ann Arbor with a bicycle and trailer (so I can cycle back down).

bloompedal08 05-22-09 03:57 PM

jgrant75 05-26-09 03:09 PM

how the virus spreads:

StephenH 05-26-09 03:23 PM

Is that front basket homemade?

jgrant75 05-27-09 04:05 PM


HSean 05-30-09 09:29 AM

I got an email from a lady saying she had a bunch of bicycles she didn't want and I could have, So I went there and loaded them all up. that 3 speed does a nice job hauling too. The blue bike is whats holding everything in there, theres a hub bolted down to the trailer holding it.

jgrant75 06-01-09 12:17 AM

nice score!

i bet motorists steered clear of that mess of metal!

HSean 06-01-09 05:38 AM

Oh they did indeed lol. they bikes didn't really hang out from the sides though, I piled it nicely, if I took the other two bmx bikes and the wheels then I'd have a mess lol

BossCat 06-06-09 05:48 PM

Quick Build for Quick Haul
Been doing up my garden, new fence etc. I sourced some wood to edge the path and stop the chips being kicked onto it.
Humm! How do I get this wood home? - Build a quick Extendable trailer.

Trailer is made from an old step ladder (not the rungside) with a piece of wood bolted on to hold the hitch assembly. Two lengths of conduit pipe were inserted into ladder to enable it to extend.[email protected][email protected][email protected]

Return home. Trailer Extended carrying an 18 feet and a 16 feet piece of wood![email protected][email protected]

Yellow duster tied to end of wood as a warning to motorists[email protected]

Just goes to show what can be hauled by a bike

Tom ;)

qmsdc15 06-06-09 06:18 PM

Is that legal? I think in USA a red 'duster' is required. Haha, in case you don't get my humor, I'm making fun of myself for raising a stink about wide loads in the "Hauling a Big Dummy" thread, while also poking a bit at you for using a word no one stateside would understand without seeing the accompanying photo. Duster, haha. Here's a yellow one with trailer, "Duster had a serious towing package"
Nice trailer. You pulled the longest load I've ever seen behind a bike. Well done.

BossCat 06-06-09 07:09 PM

Originally Posted by qmsdc15 (Post 9054497)
Is that legal?

errr! no idea! I didn't get stopped or caught. I was to quick ;)

Originally Posted by qmsdc15 (Post 9054497)
Nice trailer. You pulled the longest load I've ever seen behind a bike. Well done.

Now if I had that Yellow Duster tied to my wood - That would have been a looooong load :lol:

Tom :thumb:

bigshew 06-06-09 07:38 PM

You must've had to make some real wide turns!

Josef Taylor 06-16-09 03:31 PM

Attention Bikers, Trikers, and Xtra-Cyclers
Bike Move!

I'm moving from Capitol Hill (18th and Prospect) to the U-District (50th and Brooklyn) and I need your help!
Here's the deal: on Tuesday, June 30th, you come to my house with a bike, preferably with some cargo capacity. I will be waiting with a bunch of heavy boxes, beer, and my world famous bicycle mounted 55-gallon barbecue, from which I will conjure delicious pizzas, and other vegetarian foods (If you want meat, the grill is open, but I will not provide it).

What's that you say? You can't make it on the 30th? Worry not, my fellow wheelmen, because I will be moving twice! Once, on the 30th, into my office (at the UW), my partner's house, and a friend's house, and once more into my new studio apartment later that week, or on the Fourth of July (right before the Fourth of July Cargo Bike Parade, which I am sure you will all be attending).

My name is Josef Taylor, and you can call me at 206 261 8194 or email at [email protected] for more information.

morganw 07-21-09 05:33 PM

Small haul, but the first thing I've hauled since I started biking again. Last thing back in DC in the 90s would have been groceries in a pair of panniers.

My new bikeable-distance-to-work house has tandem parking & is on a narrow street so I was parked in the st. to not block my wife in & someone knocked off my side-view mirror (and ran). Cost as much as a nice bike to replace just for the parts! I ordered one part it turned out I didn't need & I loved the idea of getting it to the post office for the return by bike. The folly of motor vehicles.

Wish I'd taken to compose the photo to highlight the box better.

terraskye 07-24-09 09:49 AM

A small grocery run

Serenity loaded up

If i had remembered to bring another bungee cord I would have bought a case of pop and put that on top of my rack.

The snap closures on these panniers also suck so I need to figure out another way to keep them closed when I'm biking

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