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Doohickie 10-01-11 10:07 AM

This is not me, but a friend of mine moved a washer and dryer across town this week, probably 5-10 miles. A quote from his wife: "I was unsure about Nick picking up a washer on his bike. But it was a success!"

hotbike 07-01-12 10:54 AM

I found this little table on a night-ride a couple weeks ago. It's 16 inches wide and 14 inches deep, approx 30 inches high. I stuck it right in my panniers and took it home. I put it next to my desk, because I got a Danish Contemporary desk from the eighties that has no drawers. I filled up the drawers in short order.

Canada Panda 07-15-12 11:57 AM

Moved a glass chandelier by bike. 12 km distance from the store to my home.

Left pannier had the metal frame, and the right pannier held the 80+ glass bits, about 70 pounds worth.

Dux_Helm 10-27-12 12:47 PM

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Here's myself and a friend after assembling a couple of Bullitts.

My daughter bundled up for an early October ride 2 years ago...

And one of a courier pickup (80kg worth of boxes -Eassisted)
and one of the bike loaded up for a Commuter Station during Bike To Work Week a couple years back.
THat load, once strapped down was ridden to the station spot.


DAME 10-27-12 07:37 PM

How do you like the bullitts? Can you put a quick review in the forum?

Dux_Helm 10-27-12 10:11 PM

Hi. I would be glad to say a few words about them
For my money it is the most elegant solution for cargo cycling.
It also makes a very decent long-range tourer.

With the load platform in the front and low to the ground, the centre of gravity is low, handling is excellent and the load distribution is always even, both side-to-side and front-back.
It is also easy to keep an eye on whatever you are transporting and need be to stop and re-adjust the cargo.
Centre stand also makes it very easy to handle the bike, to load-unload.
Mind you the bike needs to be on a fairly even ground for the centre stand to function properly.

With a front wheel E-kit it eliminates any need for a car, other than long distance, or very large and extra heavy loads.

I have to mention though that due to it's design it usually takes a few minutes to get used to it.
Handling is much different from an ordinary bike, so unlike..say a long-tail bike The Bullitt or any Bakfiets/Long John style bike will take a bit of practice to get a hang of it.

But that said, it is a very fun bike to ride.
Thanks to the long wheel base, it also handles very well in the winter, in slippery conditions.

IT is the only production Long John style bike to come with an aluminium frame, making it fairly light, too (22-24kg depending on configuration).

I have put roughly 5000kms on a Bullitt, both loaded and empty, E-assisted and pure muscle.
I have also used it with internal 8spd Alfine, 7spd Sram and external 27spd.

Alfine is my favourite, though for my environment (Vancouver,Canada) a 27spd is a more practical solution.

Jamoni 11-02-12 08:51 PM

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I needed some peg board to renovate my garage. The hardware store is only about a mile away, so I built a trailer out of scrap, lumber and some old dolly wheels I had laying around. Trailer only took about 15 minutes to build since I already had a hitch made.
So I rode up to the store, got my 6 sheets of pegboard, and rode home. It was slow going, but I made it! Should have used something a little stronger for the tongue, cause the aluminum bent about 200 yards from the house. I just shifted the load a little to the rear and bent it back.
The trailer is getting pulled apart since I need the lumber, but next one will be a lot tougher.

Doohickie 11-23-12 05:01 PM

That's pretty awesome, Jamoni.

I did Black Friday on the bicycle. My humble hybrid was up to the task. I hauled a fairly large box; my plan was to put it in my pannier but it was a lot bigger than I thought, so I just put it directly on the rack instead.

coldbike 03-19-13 02:12 PM

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I bought a bunch of toyboxes and frames from Ikea. About 170pounds of stuff.

nubeli 03-19-13 10:02 PM

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The Long John cargo bike is from Center for Appropriate Transportation in Eugene, Oregon and the 8 foot trailer from Iowa's Bikes at Work.

In 2008 I had a bit of time on my hands and not enough sense. I decided to move all my worldly goods by bike. I knew it was going to be a lot of work - it was - and that it would take me a lot longer than moving by van - it did, but I had more time than money.

I borrowed the Long John cargo bike and the 8 foot longbed trailer from Community Bicycle Network (I was the Board Prez for a few years of this Toronto non-profit), piled on a lot of stuff over a day and a half, and carried it all down the St. Clair hill - it's really an escarpment and there's no way around it. It's all good as long as the going is flat or downhill. The v-brakes could handle the weight. So even though I made around ten trips with the bike and trailer it wasn't so bad because I didn't exert a lot of energy hauling the cargo. I think the average weight I pulled was about 80 pounds on the bike (on top of my 220 pounds) and 300 pounds on the trailer. It was a lot but doable.

I had to make sure everything was securely boxed up in small boxes and tied down on the bike. Since there are no walls an open box could easily spill everything over the roadway. I also had to be careful not to haul too much stuff in one load. I chose the route carefully by picking side streets and a downhill that wasn't as steep.

Sixty Fiver 09-22-13 10:19 AM

Stretch has been getting a workout of late... I removed the electric assist for the time being as I have a bad cell in the battery pack.

Today we are doing some off site mobile tune ups for a community event...

chriskmurray 10-30-13 12:10 AM

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Me and a buddy helped a friend with his bike move over the weekend which was so fun we might use bikes for when I move in a few months even though I have A LOT more stuff than him. We somehow even got our picture on the local news without out knowing about it until a friend showed us this screen shot!

NoBrakeNate 11-01-13 08:25 PM

Chris, you beat me, I was just coming to post those same pics.
The bike move was awesome, anyone considering a Big Dummy or xtracycle, go for it, you will love it.

HSean 06-16-14 09:29 PM

since i bought this cargo bike ive been beating it all the time. carrying things it was never ment to stock lol. ive made a few attachments to hold bikes. heres a picture of two bikes i brought home plus a bunch of parts in the bags

Sixty Fiver 06-26-14 12:41 AM

Donating spares to the co-op and doing some tyre recycling...

Sixty Fiver 08-06-14 11:49 AM

Fuel run this morning...

This weekend was our annual Heritage Festival... 400,000 plus people, a few million meals, and thousands of bikes. My partner and I performed on site bike repairs and tune ups and hauled our respective shops in and out of the valley.

Sixty Fiver 07-01-15 12:09 PM

I set a new personal record today... there was 475 - 500 pounds on the trailer.

Hypno Toad 07-16-15 09:44 AM

I used the B.O.B. Yak to bring a bike to the shop (13 miles), worked well, I'll do this again. I would not do this with a 'nice' bike, or at least not until I figure out better ways to protect the bike on the trailer. It is top heavy and tippy, but nothing terrible.

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