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Philphine 03-04-13 10:22 AM


Originally Posted by troysmith80 (Post 15342193)
Very cool! is that put together from old dept. store bike frames?
Did you make that braced seat post yourself?
With weight on the rear, does the shock just ride bottomed out?

yeah, a next mountain bike stretched out. the middle is gutted conveyor rollers from where i work, and the bag outrigger things are emt. the build is on the freakbike forum, but it's down right now.

the seat post is off ebay. i think maybe this was a girls frame, 'cause it seems kind of small, plus normally i ride a stretched out cruiser. the laid back post helps, but i mean to look for a larger frame the next try.

the shock seemed to work fine, but if i keep playing with it and trying heavier loads i want to put on a stiffer one. the shock on it now is the one that came on the bike i started with, and as mentioned, the bike seemed to be for a smaller person.

Philphine 03-31-13 05:50 AM

fooling with utility bikes is still a for fun thing for me, so this is just my second try at carrying something

i'm doing a very slow gazebo build, and needed 3 pieces of 8' decking, so i measured to see how far back it would stick out from the bike, stuck an 8' ladder on it to eyeball it, and decided to try and get it on the bike.

there's a lowes about 2.5mls from my house that makes a good test run. not too far away, and there's a railroad overpass along the way to see how fighting with an uphill and downhill works out.

the load was 62lbs, but i think the length of it was the bigger issue. had a few tail wagging the dog moments. i also had a front end failure, but it looks like i managed to leave a bearing race out when i put it together (at least i hope that's what happened, even though it was real inept of me).

the whole utility bike thing is still interesting to me, but i'm seeing things that i need to try and change for my replacement attempt, mainly trying to get it lighter. even though the steering failure was my fault, i remember reading it can be a weak point on a cargo bike (i thought something like that had happened at first), so i mean to look for a bike with a 1 1/8" head tube for the next try. the suspension stays though. i like it and i felt it helping on bigger bumps that might have got the wood bouncing more. i still have the light spring on it, but with the wood it didn't bottom out. i still mean to change it eventually. i also think i want to try lowering the load, so i'm keeping an eye out for sturdy looking 20" bikes with rear suspension to make the next rear section from.

dramiscram 04-01-13 05:53 PM

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Here's my new project. It's coming along just fine. The dog is giving me a good hand

rdlange 04-08-13 11:11 AM

OK, so I'm finally able to do one. Found two trashed NEXT bikes, one with rear suspension. Both aluminum 24" frames and front fork shocks, though. Planning to put the rear brace tube up to the seatpost rather than down to the pedalcrank area. Hoping to make racks from conduit and PVC pipe which is very easy to shape, rather than having to buy racks. Really not interested in investing alot of cash in a first build concept.

I'll try it first with the suspension active, retaining option to make it rigid because the springs are probably too weak.

Pictures soon, as I'm still assembling. Same as others I like the concept enough to build one, even though I don't live in a bike friendly area.

Philphine 04-13-13 01:59 PM

made my side/extra/auxillary/whatever you want to call it stand today
i tried to get it where it touched down at the same height as the center stand, but it's about 3/4" off the ground. seems to be ok though. when you set something on the outrigger thing it touches down. also, it's on the right side. it made more sence to me there, 'cause it's away from traffic (assuming i rode with traffic), and i have a couple ideas that would involve purposly having weight on one side. being on the wrong side it works backward (you kick it forward to lift it), but that might work in my favour since it would have to roll forward for the center stand to accidentally fold up, and backward for the side stand to.
i just set these things on it to see what would happen, and it seemed to support them well, but then i kind of looked at my truck spare and thought about how it got me restarted on this in the first place (pic kinda washed out, sorry)
took this pic after a ride around the block with the tire (the tire seemed to like it). i could feel the weight being off center, but still it rode pretty good. my truck tire is also about the weight of the three pieces of lumber i carried before, so that made me a little more sure of it too. the bad handling from the lumber was the lenth and not the weight. still liking the suspension too. once again i forgot to look for a heavier spring, but it still did well. my next planned experiment is bringing home a couple good sized bags of potting soil, so i mean to make sure and get a heavier spring on before i try it.
i still want to try an eventual improved bike, but until i do, i think this bike keeps a place in the collection.

dramiscram 04-15-13 04:48 AM

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Almost there, all that remain is to make the rear rack more stable, a few brace should do the trick, and paint everything up.

Philphine 04-18-13 08:21 PM


Originally Posted by rdlange (Post 15484819)
I'll try it first with the suspension active, retaining option to make it rigid because the springs are probably too weak.

you never know. the posts i recently put up with the loads on it were a fairly weak spring. it had 650lbs written on the spring, and i didn't really have the adjusting nut that far screwed in. none of the loads bottomed out. after that last post i found one with 1300lbs written on the spring. since the smaller spring did better than i thought, i'm figuring i'll break the bike before i have to worry about getting beyond this spring's limit.

in any event, give it a try with the spring active. i really like the load being suspended and for now i don't see myself building one without it.

Philphine 04-26-13 09:19 AM

two bags of potting soil, 70lbs each
i don't like this new photobucket layout

not much drama. the weak link was me, since i'm not much of a real biker, and the rear tire rode real low. since i can hardly see it without stopping the bike, i'm sure with my weight on it, it rode even lower than what i saw. either way, i took it slow to make sure i didn't hit a squared off bump or glass (i don't live in the most genteel neighborhood).

the bigger spring didn't get much of a test because of it, but that's ok i guess. it probaly still helped with absorbing some of what the tire may have taken so i made it home ok.

so i'm still happy with the bike, but i guess i'll have to break down and look into heavier duty tires. i may be done testing it's weight limits too, 'cause even though it always makes it home... well... shoot, ah's tired.

noglider 04-26-13 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by dramiscram (Post 15511514)
Almost there, all that remain is to make the rear rack more stable, a few brace should do the trick, and paint everything up.

Looks great!

Sixty Fiver 05-22-13 07:38 PM

A couple of mules... picked up more surplus bags for my friend's extrabike that we built this winter.

We figure on taking the mules camping in a few weeks, should be a blast.

rdlange 06-12-13 09:06 PM

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The "POS CARGO". Bet you thought I was just blowin' hot air. This will be a NOT-welded bike. Working on conduit rack bending and tinkering with alum flat bars. have different derailleurs, levers and handle bars to try also. It is a work in progress, but progressing...

rdlange 09-01-13 01:53 PM

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Up date. Been stubborn, but finally had to BUY some tires. 3 speed [front] for now, but rides very smooth and easy to handle. Several iterations with regular racks didn't do the job, so beginning to fabricate some from shelf bracket angles. Bottom shelf folds up & latches flush so I can hang waterproof buckets or use it down as a platform for odd shapes and large bags. Made an 'axle' bracket to fit on the rack so I can trail another bike with the front wheel off. Wheels are both 26", don't know why the rear looks smaller.

pathdoc 09-11-13 02:00 PM

wow, this is a really cool build. Great job.


Originally Posted by Philphine (Post 15339348)
backtracked recently and finished the first cargo bike i was trying
picked upthe kinda matching messenger bag recently so i leave with the bike like an accessory

i had a flat on my truck along with a flat spare, so i dug this out of the garage unfinished (no gears and just a weak front brake) thinking i might have to do a trial by fire. stick two of my truck wheels on it (one was too unbalanced) and ride up to a tire place about a mile away. turned out i didn't have to, but i figured i should finish it for the next time i'm in a pinch like that.

i've only done one test. rode up to a lowes a couple miles away and got a couple bags of lava rock (something with a little weight and a little bulk). except for how heavy the bike is on it's own, it rode fine there and back with the load (about 38lbs). out of curiousity i put both bags of rock on one side and it still seemed to ride ok (just doing some figure 8's in front of the house). i weighed the truck wheels out of curiousty and they are about 63lbs apiece. i want to believe i would have made it, but i'm glad that wasn't my first test.

so im kind of fooling with cargo bikes for fun again. working on finishing another past project (the one i called "big bottom" earlier in the thread), playing with one for a buildoff on another forum (a stretch cruiser cargo bike), an electric mountain bike i'm trying to do as much thinking on as i can before i start on it , and thinking on a lighter version of this one 'cause i think the weight is it's main real minus.

Philphine 09-12-13 03:50 PM

thanks, it was a pretty interesting side project from my usual stretch cruisers. i'm trying to make myself finish the other one that's sort of a mate to it, a madsen inspired one.

i don't really use it though. the couple posts afterward where i tried different loads are the only times i've ridden it, but it seems like it'll work for me if i need it.

Sixty Fiver 09-13-13 04:04 PM

I de-electrified Stretch today and then hooked up the trailer and picked my daughter up from school... have a bunch of stuff to donate to the co-op so the trailer is going to get a good workout and figure I am good for an extra hundred pounds per trip.


treal512 11-26-13 02:34 PM

What an amazing thread! I've been laughing and ahhing my way through the whole thing :thumb:

karma 12-25-13 01:45 AM

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well than your going to love this build. thanks for posting guys your ideas helped. rides great:thumb:

LucianTheOne 01-10-14 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by karma (Post 16357594)
well than your going to love this build.

Yes, I really loved it!
I would like to see more detailes and pics.

Sixty Fiver 01-10-14 10:36 AM

Winter #6 for Stretch... he is going to be getting a little brother soon. :)

karma 01-13-14 01:52 PM

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here are a few more pics. wiring up the controller and 12v regulator

mobetta 03-26-14 08:21 PM

well heres what I made after stumbling onto this site.

End game is a family hauler for the wife to get our 2 boys around in. Burley trailer is too small(and too big!) And big dummies are too much $$$ so heres our homebuilt Xtra-re-cycle.

Have under $20 into new cables and a stick of EMT.

hodala 04-19-14 10:25 PM

tilting tadpole trike
5 Attachment(s)
not completed yet

haz_bikes 05-06-14 08:29 PM

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here it is!! been lurking in this forum for a long time waiting to do this. meet "big tony" phase 1, phase 2: merge my gas cruiser & halogens/motorcycle battery onto here

BIGDCYCLES 06-10-14 12:05 PM

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As you can see, I am thinking it. Rear triangle from a dumpster find Mongoose XR 75 26 inch, and front fork from the same only because I want the better brakes, and a murray explorer 26 inch womens bike that was a part of a 5 bike freebie deal. Keep it free or cheap so if I do not like it I can sell cheap.

BIGDCYCLES 06-11-14 06:28 AM

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No longer just thinking it. Was going to mount to the spindle but not enough threads to put on a chain tensioner so working on plan b of mounting to where the triangle mounted to the frame originally. Also please excuse the mess, MIDNIGHT pic after tearing down and mocking up.

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