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badmother 05-07-08 01:58 AM

Yes! You can play. Much too quiet here. :D:D

I made two so far, need to post the last one, pix taken yesterday.

I use the first one quite alot for riding with my dog, but also other loads.

Thinking of making a 20" folder version. Easyer to transport plus lower. Riding with my 26 kg dog on one side and nothing on the other is a bit difficult.Thinking that since I am planning to do thids alot carrying the load on top is maybe better for my use than on the sides. I`we got access to strong older folders for free.

Johnny Payphone 05-14-08 08:02 AM

In 2003 I went to Ghana, Africa, to establish a school for cargo bike design. My first step was to build and test each kind of cargo bike that I could think of, about 25 in all. Then after testing them in the bush we found that the xtra-cycle style could maximize load given the single-track jungle terrain. So now the school makes them for the government, which is trying to aid farmers in getting Ghana's rich natural resources to market:

Allen 05-14-08 12:31 PM

That deserves a thread of its own, seriously.

Wow, Johnny, sounds amazing, I would love to hear and see some details.

Mehow 05-24-08 09:05 PM

Anyone thought of using a tandem bike frame?

badmother 05-28-08 11:40 AM

2 Attachment(s)
My latest build. For my son.

talleymonster 06-03-08 09:07 PM

maybe a dumb question.....but are Xtracycles typically SS?

cerewa 06-04-08 06:24 AM


maybe a dumb question.....but are Xtracycles typically SS?
No. People don't like singlespeed bikes for carrying 500 pounds of stuff up a hill.

HSean 06-15-08 04:16 PM

xtracycle what a cool idea, by what I see a xtracycle is for big loads and so on yes? I want one lol I have this to work with, and a three speed ballon tire bike

badmother 06-16-08 06:48 AM

That should be enough for a start. Sooo good to have plenty of space. I use this bike all the time.

HSean 06-16-08 08:07 AM

they are mounted by bottom bracket right? the bike i'm using, the red one has broken bottom bracket, so it might be no good, but i'll just weld it lol

badmother 06-16-08 08:38 AM

My first one (dog bike) is a BB mounted one. Not the best solution. My yellow one (you find it in this thread) is made this way: Much better. Make your own tread about your build and let us have the details!

HSean 06-17-08 11:07 AM

This is my first, mind you both bottom bracket are broken and stuck in there but i'm gonna remove them, I might use other frame, classic possibly

badmother 06-17-08 02:11 PM

Hmm different:D:D. Is it ok to ride?

HSean 06-17-08 08:30 PM

with two bad bottom brackets it rides very bad, but the rear one will be fixed and the norco one is stuck busted so i'll have to use another bike for the front

Sixty Fiver 06-18-08 01:01 AM

Well... I've collected my donor bikes and went through this thread for the nth time to see what everyone else has done before I start building mine.

This will be fun.

badmother 06-18-08 01:07 AM

And we are waiting for pix of it in front of the pond..:D:D

Sixty Fiver 06-18-08 01:36 AM

My pond is getting famous... :D

HSean 06-20-08 07:44 PM

BUM BUM BUM! my working extracycle jut need long wires lol

Sixty Fiver 06-23-08 10:12 PM

Well... I put the frames together tonight and now need to set the ride height and brace things before my friend tacks in a few welds to make things really solid.

I took a few pics and will post them when I get home from the shop to see what people think.

Sixty Fiver 06-23-08 11:52 PM

The adventure begins...

HSean 06-24-08 09:17 AM

Nice, I like mines colors, looks kinda neat, well how it is now, i'll post a pic, you used a Norco, another poor norco will have a Xtra life, mines made of three of them lol

Sixty Fiver 06-24-08 09:23 AM

It's a truly Canadian ride being that the bikes are a Norco Katmandu (straight gauge chromo) and a CCM... I have a rear wheel built up with a 4 speed cassette and think that will serve me well as it has a wide range and the cog position is very central which should reduce chain deflection.

The grey and black looks good together and I have a mountain of steel and a huge parts stock at the bike shop from which to draw any materials I need to finish things up.

I am pondering running a 24 inch wheel too althouhg I would really like to have dual brakes as it will be a hauler.

I hope to be riding it at the critical mass this Friday although I may not have it racked up.

HSean 06-24-08 01:08 PM

If you do your gears like mine, mines a 21 speed, and use both shifters, it runs just like a normal bike, infact, they pick up speed pretty fast, my scrap steel is inocent bike frames lol, both breaks is a need, mine really needs them, if it was front the forks would proberly break, , i'm making a trailer for it to with breaks on it to

HSean 06-24-08 02:01 PM

Pictures of a pretty intresting bike, MINE! lol I love it.

Sixty Fiver 06-24-08 10:50 PM

My rear wheel is a Shimano 105 laced to a WTB dw hub and has an 8 speed block... I have 2 Sachs Huret half ratchet shifters that will go on tomorrow after I pick up a tandem cable for the rear d and a friend is dropping off a few decks for me to play with.

It will also get a mount for my trailer so I can max out the utility of the bike... :)

More pics in a bit...

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