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Cody Broken 07-03-08 11:32 PM

I first saw a home built xtracycle on Instructables, long time ago. Just revisited that post and saw one built by a U.S. soldier in Iraq. Here are some photos:

badmother 07-04-08 11:08 AM


Originally Posted by Mook (Post 6956721)
I need some help!!!

I have the source, but can't find a donor for the back end. I'll gladly pay the shipping if someone can send me a rear section from a 26 inch bike. I have EVERYTHING I need except for that.

Then, I can start posting my pix of my homemade creation!

Thanks in advance!!!

I could send you one, but I am sure posting it from scandinavia is not cheap. Sure there is no sources where you live?

badmother 07-04-08 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by Sixty Fiver (Post 6951081)
Obligatory pond shot... :lol:

The bags are my old motorcycle bags that have a 60 litre capacity and I loaded up my Kenda slicks and a new front wheel so I can install them after work... I won't need the knobbies until winter.

My friend is giving me Nexus 7 hub for the bike too and that should be going in before the snow falls.

YES! The traditional picture:D

Great looking bike! Lines and colours is good, lucky you had the bags, I spent hours sewing bags, but I needed the big bag for the dog.

Sixty Fiver 07-04-08 07:57 PM

badmother - Those bags have been sitting in my garage for a decade waiting for another motorcycle and are working really well on the longbike.

I plan on having some full length canvas bags a la xtracycle made up in the future.

donnamb 07-04-08 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by BikeKraft (Post 6985575)
It was actually on extended loan to me. I was starting to think it was mine! I got the bright idea to ask the rightful owner if he would like to sell it. Well that reminded him that I still had it. He came and picked it up the next day. All of a sudden he couldn't live without it. And I had polished it up and made such a nice spot for it in my little garage. But something good will come of this, but they are out of stock right now. Or maybe build my own. How about a folder made into an Xtracycle. My mind gets revved up thinking how cool and difficult that would be.:rolleyes:

I know Clever Cycles sold out of their stock - did Citybikes sell out of theirs?

BikeKraft 07-05-08 07:52 AM


Originally Posted by donnamb (Post 7001930)
I know Clever Cycles sold out of their stock - did Citybikes sell out of theirs?

A friend had searched the local shops and found only one shop that had one for sale. It was the 26" model. Not the right size for my bike (or hers). She purchased the kit and a new bicycle and had them assemble it. Just in time to ride in our neighborhood 4th of July parade with little Annie on the snap deck. I'm going to order one off the internet and wait for them to restock.

badmother 07-05-08 09:16 AM

Slowly starting to replace the "dogbike". Took it on holyday, it traveled 500 km on the rack behind my car. Sticking out too much on each side, also after remowing the front wheel.

Decided I want a mixte or mixte-like bike for a main bike, much easyer to mount and dismount when loaded. Had some chainline problems with the dogbike, so I am trying a Nexus 7 this time to make it easyer.

While riding the "dogbike" on holyday I had some really bad signals from the drivetrain. Found out the middle crank wheel is missing four teeth. About time to get to work..

Sixty Fiver 07-05-08 10:13 AM

badmother - Have you thought of using an mtb or other bike with a sloping tt ?

Sixty Fiver 07-05-08 11:11 AM

A few more mods...

(image tags removed)

badmother 07-06-08 02:05 AM


Originally Posted by Sixty Fiver (Post 7003766)
badmother - Have you thought of using an mtb or other bike with a sloping tt ?

Oh yes! Most of the dumpsterfinds here is MTB`s, maybe 80%. My sons longtail is from a "mixte like" MTB; single toptube but has got the extra chain/seatstays. Great solution, but a bit small for me. Problem with the mixtelike frames is both front brake wire and front shifter wiren goes under the BB, so solutions must be found.

Also drueling over my sons MTB. Nice sloping tt and seatstays almost following the same angle. This is his favourite light MTB (Merida alu Blackwood with lightweight Michelin tires). Not the most modern and best looking in our stable, but he realised it is the best ride. I am happy he is able to tell, so I am waiting patiently for him to grow out of it..

Just now I am thinking of maybe building a MTB and a 28" lighter "road bike longtail". this is becouse I use it all the time and feel lost when it is not in perfect condition, but still feel I can not work on it since I need it on the road. Want sometimes to go fast on the road (must remember to buy sunglases for the dog) and sometimes on loaded trips on dustroad. Maybe a cyclocross longtail.. Desicions, desicions..

Sixty Fiver 07-06-08 03:37 AM

My front shifter cable goes under the bb... the brace would have interfered with the cable save for the housing I ran from the cable guide up the seat tube to shield it. I considered drilling a cable guide to run through the brace as well.

My rear brake is a v brake and just has a longer cable running from the seat stay and through the framework to keep it out of the way... the rear shifter cable is routed the same way and I had to use a tandem cable for that.

A cross type LT would be a great idea for moderate loads as it would run out a little faster and could still handle a fair deal of weight.

I have 4 people interested in coming in to our bike shop to build their own long tail bikes and it's really a matter of finding the right donor parts, namely those low end FS bikes that we rarely put any time into.

Buglady 07-25-08 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by Sixty Fiver (Post 6955428)
Thanks Allen...

The high pressure slicks make a world of difference as does the old Deore crank I installed today... I decided to run a single 28 tooth Biopace ring up front with the 11-32 cassette as that is all the gear range the bike or I need. The gear inches are 22 - 66 with the single and a few folks said it looked pretty cool... I still need to fabricate a bash guard although the chain ring clearance is now awesome.

I'm interested in the way you havbe used the derailleur on the original rear dropout to keep the chain tensioned.

Are you going to add side cargo decks like the FreeRadical, or keep it as a straight longtail with big panniers?

Sixty Fiver 07-25-08 09:32 PM

I think my winter project will be to build up some cargo decks and perhaps have some slings stitched up... those over-sized paniers can already carry a lot of stuff.

vanilla ice 10-09-08 02:40 PM

I want to try this 29 front and a 16 inch rear tire..

lilricky 10-17-08 03:41 PM

Can the BB of the donor be welded to the main bike? Or is it best to devise an attachment for it to be bolted on? I'm starting a project that will join a woman's 26" MTN bike to the seat post of an old Schwinn Varsity. My plan is to weld it in 3 spots, the top tube,the down tube and the BB.
Any obvious flaws to this idea?

badmother 10-18-08 09:24 AM

4 Attachment(s)
Dogbike 2 mad from a detatchable 24" bike from the 1970`s. I`we put a IGH Shimano 7 speed rear wheel for the time being. Somebody said you need a long skateboard as a snapdeck, so I decided "why not a snowboard??"

I`ll try to make some more photos later, close up`s.

HSean 10-25-08 09:59 AM

I'll let mine become part of this thread to, oh I forgot to mention something, today It was tested that this 5$ garmet bag for suits is waterproof, so if you wanna big saddle bag, go to your local thrift store and sniff one of those out, it's great, and it has secret pockets, anyway, for something as old as this, it's doing really fine, i wanna find some whitewalls for it,

cavit8 11-15-08 12:13 PM

I'd be particulalry interested in photos of the joint areas of these bikes. I find looking at the photos its tough to tell the various techniques people may be using.

HSean 11-16-08 09:15 AM

Most the joints we use are the same, some weld, but the Bottom bracket of the Suspention bike triangle fits into where the rear wheel of the bike you attack to, then you take a straight pair of handle bars use that as a brace, from where suspention bike shock goes to front bike down where to kickstand would go, it's a very simple design.

cavit8 11-17-08 10:19 AM

Thanks HSean

I was pretty sure about the suspension triangle mount but couldn't see if most people put a bolt obliquely through at the chainstay/bb intersection or if there was another way to do it. As long as there's a reasonable firm butt joint, I don't imagine the bolt gets stressed too much.

HSean 11-17-08 05:24 PM

The bolt you speak of down there on the bars where the chainstray is, I do put them there, just to prevent the bike from lifting when I pick it up, I use a quick release pin, also so the bike is storable.

badmother 11-17-08 05:31 PM


Originally Posted by cavit8 (Post 7865656)
Thanks HSean

I was pretty sure about the suspension triangle mount but couldn't see if most people put a bolt obliquely through at the chainstay/bb intersection or if there was another way to do it. As long as there's a reasonable firm butt joint, I don't imagine the bolt gets stressed too much.

This is what I was thinking too. First I used the BB axel in the triangel, forced the dropouts of the main bike together to fit. Did this since I wanted a strong enough "bolt" and decided the BB was strong enough.

Then I decided this is not good and replaced the axel with a long rod cut to size. I use 10mm since this is what there is room for in the dropouts. Just thigthen it firmly.

Between the bb shells of the triangel and the innside of the dropouts I use a piece (on each side) of an alu bar cut to size (I think approx 3 cm`s). There is also a piece of hollow metal rod for hanging up curtains from IKEA involved in "filling up some emptu space.

I use some big washers on both sides of the dropouts and maybe between the piece of bar and BB shell. I`ll try to dig up some pix soon, but go back in this thread, i think some details is posted some time back.

alanf 01-12-09 11:00 AM

Wow that wooden rack is gorgeous! Maybe if you were to slip some 1/4" or 3/8" dowels in between the cross pieces of the rack... Sorta like the old woody cars.
You're giving me ideas. I really like that wood rack!:thumb:

mplsmtb 02-15-09 02:55 PM

Here's a pic of my DIY Longtail. Next step is the framework for the storage containers.

More pics and info here.

alanf 02-15-09 05:22 PM

Excellent. There is lots of space for carrier stuff in the back. Post pics when you get it done.

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