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njs05 07-04-08 02:01 PM

Bike storage? Other types of bags?
Okay so I am trying to find a bag that will let me store things in the frame and I have had a really hard time finding one that is large enough, but I did find this akrapack one at but I dont know, does anyone think it would actually work?

bicyclridr4life 07-04-08 02:28 PM

Don't know why it would not work, but you would have to watch the total width when packed to allow room for leg clearance

Maxwell 07-04-08 02:43 PM

There was a post a while back on the Surly blog about frame bags;

basically, if you want something bigger than say, this jandd frame pack, you're looking at custom-made.

Carousel Design Works and Epic Designs, mentioned in the Surly blog, will make you a bag from a paper pattern you make of the bike's main triangle. Carousel's site says $50 to $200 depending on options, Epic $125-$200.

Hope that helps!

njs05 07-04-08 02:52 PM

So you would not recommend that one I mentioned maxwell? It seems to be a little larger than the jandd?

Maxwell 07-05-08 02:19 AM

Ah, meant to say, often looking at custom. That one is pretty sizable, and I think there are some other large frame bags no longer made, but the larger they are, the fewer frames they'll fit well.

If you think it'll fit your bike, i'd say go for it. It looks like it would fit on a good range of bikes with top tubes close to level, not sure about it on a bike with lots of slope, like medium and smaller modern MTB frames.

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