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dzrthauler 01-28-10 09:27 PM

Ya know QMS - I love the 'travelog' aspect of the framing of your pix!! It's very cool, very cool indeed!! Very cool architecture and some impressive rides sharing your world now and then..

qmsdc15 01-29-10 05:38 PM


No pictures from today. Here's some more of the boxes in yesterday's post. A little travelogue in itself. Haha

Tried for a shot of my reflection near the pick.

Stopped across the street from the White House to get a picture with the base of a statue in it.

Stopped at a theatre across the street from the drop because "The Last Cargo Cult" is playing there.

Yes, I stopped twice to take pictures. The one I posted yesterday was taken while stopped at a red light. Pardon my indulgence in posting these.

noglider 01-29-10 06:10 PM

No pardon necessary. They're fun.

I didn't ride today. I didn't have occasion to, and I wasn't going to make one up. Temps were about 20F and wind chill was about 10F.

dzrthauler 01-29-10 07:25 PM


Originally Posted by noglider (Post 10336521)
No pardon necessary. They're fun.

I didn't ride today. I didn't have occasion to, and I wasn't going to make one up. Temps were about 20F and wind chill was about 10F.

Ha!! Nice to see there are others that "make up a ride"... I haven't been out all week, but heading out after I get back Sunday to get 3 bins from WalMart for our recycling station we are setting up.

noglider 01-29-10 08:17 PM

Well, guess what. I just went out into the darkness. I went to the local community theater production, about a 1.25 miles away. I was almost appropriately dressed, but with that distance, it didn't really matter.

qmsdc15 01-29-10 08:51 PM

From no rides today to back from the theater, brilliant recovery! It was really cold and breezy down here too.

squirtdad 02-01-10 01:10 PM

Did all my errands this weekend on the bike:

Trip to hardware store for epoxy, some plants (wife thougt I got good colors) misc bolts (non the right size)
Drugstore for various sundtries
Look at kitchen I am not buying a $1000 faucet... got the delta instead
Frozen yogur

to me this is the essence of utility...doing the little trips that any one can do on almost any bike

qmsdc15 02-01-10 06:18 PM

We should have a thread called "What did you use a car for today?" because I use a car much less often than a bike and usually for something much more interesting than what I use my bike for.

Another empty flat box, smaller than the last one, so fewer pics. Haha.

United States Navy Memorial.

travelmama 02-01-10 07:12 PM

A week late but I strapped my snowboard on to my UTE and took it in for waxing. The weather was nice as was the ride which made it all well worth not getting in the car.

qmsdc15 02-01-10 07:37 PM

That's cool! I love snowboarding!

cyclokitty 02-01-10 09:23 PM

I rode my bike to pick up some groceries about 4 km away. It wasn't a long trip but it a was cold and windy errand. But hey, it saved me nearly $5.00 in bus fare and it was sunny outside.

Gareth 02-02-10 11:28 AM

About 20 miles for me today on the prototype rear loader long bike. 3.5 miles each way, 20kg grocery and laundry run. Followed by a 5 mile each way run to a meeting and back. Returning home only to find that I missed the delivery of a parcel, which entailed another 2.5 mile each way run to the sorting office and back for a 3kg parcel.

noglider 02-02-10 08:58 PM

I made three trips today. First was my weekly trip to my therapist, only 1.4 miles each way. She is a cyclist, too, and she has a lot of respect for me, braving all kinds of weather. But this trip is no big deal.

Second, I delivered a couple of bikes I had fixed up for a neighbor. I lashed them into my kiddie trailer. That turned into an adventure, as I suspected it would. I didn't balance the load right, so the "tongue weight" was severely negative, i.e., it was pulling up on my bike. The trailer made a strong back-and-forth oscillation on the bike, pulling me back and pushing me forward. The load stuck out to the right, and I accidentally hit a van that I was passing. My chain jammed three or four times, and I learned that I can't reach my smallest chainring before I do something about my front derailleur. My chain also went into my spokes twice from the rear derailleur shifting too far in. Luckily, when this bike does that, the derailleur doesn't hit the spokes. I think I'll get a dork disk after I adjust my derailleurs.

Third, my daughter has an awful cold, so I went to the supermarket to get some canned chicken soup and a box of Puffs tissues. It's snowing outside! That went just fine. I fell at the very end of the ride, taking a chance knowingly: I tried to ride over a one-inch high curb at an angle. It was basically a test to see what reduced traction would do.

My bike has 27x1-1/4" tires, pumped to high pressure. Not ideal for snow.

Cyclepup 02-02-10 11:22 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Sunday we rode into town to pick up our recycle bins and 40# of rock salt. Round trip was 18.35 miles. DH had a flat on the way home. My first experience with a flat on the road!

Yesterday we did another dog food run (50#) along with extra stops for sundries, cat food, and groceries. Total mileage was 28.65. I love these runs because DH throws in a lunch date to keep me happy...and fueled enough to make the ride home.

Probably boring to some of you, but here are the pics...

noglider 02-03-10 06:27 PM

cyclepup, where can I read about that trailer of yours? I assume you built it.

qmsdc15 02-03-10 07:16 PM

Search posts from dzrthauler for more info about that trailer, Tom.

Your post about jammed chains, hitting vans. etc. sounds like a typical day for me. I didn't work yesterday because I had jury duty. Pre-dawn riding on 50mph highways with snow choked shoulders not typical and not fun, but I saved bus fare! The ride back was nice.

Cyclepup, the pictures are not boring. Keep them coming.

Tubs of mail

I fixed a flat at the end of the day in this bus shelter very close to home. I found an oversized staple in my tire.

Cyclepup 02-03-10 07:18 PM

No I didn't build it, my DH did (dzrthauler). He posted about it in the "post your trailer thread" - pg 13 post #322. I added a larger photo of it on post #324. He's really pleased with that trailer!

The wheels he put on have a 300# capacity, which makes him giddy with the prospect of what he can haul with that thing. I just love going for the rides!

Thank you, qmsdc15!

qmsdc15 02-04-10 04:47 PM

Over 200lbs of printed material, Chinatown

nwmtnbkr 02-04-10 06:18 PM

I had to make a quick trip into town to mail some things at the post office. I also made a couple of quick stops at the health food store and grocery store to test out the new front rack and bipod kickstand. (I found one of my wooden Longaberger baskets fits perfectly on the front rack, held on by a short and long bungie.)

qmsdc15 02-05-10 04:49 PM

Nice work! Doesn't the steering get tricky with a heavy load on the front end, high and sticking out like that? Much respect getting it done in winter in Montana. Loaded for bear :thumb:.

I wimped out and took off early, before the heavy snow started falling. Three boxes, the bottom two got a little wet, I should have put the tarp under and around the load (double bag).
I dried them out some and warned the guy at delivery that the box strength may be compromised, ie. lift from bottom. I'm sure the contents were OK.

But that's what I thought about the cupcakes I destroyed. :twitchy: (Lined up for Curbside Cupcakes in the background.)

nwmtnbkr 02-05-10 05:29 PM

I can sympathize with your weather. We had our first nice day in a long time yesterday--it was dry and the sun actually came out. However, today we're back to cold and it's snowing again (not supposed to have any accumulation, fortunately). I'm ready for spring; thank goodness this is a short month. The bike handled pretty well with the front rack loaded, I only put a few bags in the basket to test it out; the rest went into the rear panniers. Next trip I'll use some small panniers that I have on the front rack in addition to the basket.

memnoch_proxy 02-09-10 12:13 AM

I hauled some furniture I made this weekend to work in the kid trailer. I made a monitor bench and a keyboard stand.

On the way home I saw a wonderful sunset on Mt. Baker.

qmsdc15 02-12-10 06:46 PM

Nothing but beer runs in the previous six days, as many by ski as by bike. Finally back to work today. I know you all want to see more tubs of mail. Sorry to keep you waiting. :)

dzrthauler 02-12-10 06:58 PM

Ha!! - beer runs, d'oh!! Thought about you and the others out there in the snow.. Nice that the District made easy places for you to lean your bike!! CyclePup and I have been
dealing with "life" as it were... no errand running, but the potential for me to start commuting to work may raise itself - we are looking at a KHS TR-101 for my commuter.

noglider 02-13-10 05:23 AM

Wow, you go through a lot of beer.

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