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qmsdc15 07-08-09 06:49 PM

Background from left to right; Saudi Embassy, Benito Juarez, Kennedy Center, Watergate.
Nice weather in DC today.

qmsdc15 07-09-09 05:37 PM

Carried new skis home. Stopped for fish.
New skis!
Jackson likes 'em!

squirtdad 07-09-09 06:31 PM

yesterday, Stopped at grocery store (at end of commute) and got jmilk, cream, ice cream, orange juice, sushi and the makings for chinese chicken salad...pefect 2 wald folding basket load.

qmsdc....Jackson looks to be doing welll, but will probably be a snowboarder.....cats are that way.

qmsdc15 07-09-09 06:50 PM

Squirtdad, the safety strap hanging from my snowboard is one of Jackson's favorite toys, but I don't really see him getting out there on one or two planks. Doug Coombs had a cat that went on ski mountaineering expeditions with him, but Jackson and I don't live like Doug and his cat did.

HSean 07-09-09 08:54 PM

Today was the first haul on my new/ old worksman trike. I transported vintage bike parts and frame on it to a buddy's house, It's so handy to own! and super fun.

squirtdad 07-13-09 10:08 AM

Another typical weekend. about 12 miles in just fiddling around little errand rides including:
Ride to club to swim
Trip to drugstore
Ride with son for play date
Frozen yogurt run.

qmsdc15 07-14-09 05:55 PM

I had a pretty good day. The best errand I ran was food. I don't understand why some messengers look down on food delivery guys. Only delivering envelopes make you special I guess. McCormick and Schmick to a client's office. I was just going, going, trying to fit in as many stops as I could before going for this pick which I mistakenly remembered as an 11:30, not having time to look again at the details, I just had to go go go because I had a lot of other things to do. I didn't get there until 11:45 which was the correct scheduled pick-up time, perfect. The restaurant had been told to have it ready at 12. Our clients sometimes tell us to be there before something is supposed to be ready, just to improve delivery time, no delay. Typically this happens on rush jobs this one was a double rush. Typically the people at the pick complain, "Hey, we said it would be ready at noon", and they did just that here. I told them "no problem", although I had four jobs ahead of me, this one had priority. I sat at the bar and watched the jersey presentation of the TDF and after a long while, a replay of the finish which looked like the easiest of Cavendish's wins so far. Then after waiting 25 minutes and I was really hungry, I never got a chance to eat the lunch I packed until I got home, the barmaid said it would be another five, so I ordered a wheat beer with a slice of lemon just so I could get some vitamins C and B, and some calories and hydration. I tried to pay, but she refused my money. HDTV looks horrible to me, but I might be back for some of the mountain stages. The client paid extra for the time I spent watching TDF and drinking free beer, I got some rest and what passed for lunch today.

Four cases of wine from a lobbyist to a congressman's office, in front of a memorial to James Garfield.
I did 18 freight runs today, which is better than my average day. Probably could have done more if my tire wasn't rubbing the fender. If you look close you can see it in the above pic.

qmsdc15 07-21-09 07:07 PM

Stopped by DC's Cogswell Temperance Fountain with five more cases of wine going to Congress.

Bike cop reloading his rifle.

qmsdc15 07-31-09 06:54 PM

Nobody ran any errands lately? I ran 18 today not including the stop at CVK for Gatorade
and Powerbars and the stop at Party Time Liquors for six Magic Hats and peanuts. The huge
lunch order double rush was the queen stage again. I rode slow to keep it from getting too
messed up, but it was going all the way across downtown. More than halfway there I get a
message, "Go back, they forgot to give you something." No, too late, I'll drop what I have.

I ran back for the large tray of Kosher tuna salad, sealed with tape saying "Kosher void if tape
is tampered with" or something like that. Because I knew the lunch event had started and I
didn't have time to be as gentle with it as I had done with the rest, that salad got tossed real
good, but the seal remained unbroken.

Saw newlyweds with "just married" signs on their bikes. They were riding from their wedding
in Virginia. I didn't get the signs in the picture so you could see them, but I tried. I made my
last delivery a few minutes late chasing them down and digging out my camera from deep in
my pack where I had stashed it during the downpour that our happy couple had ridden through
after their wedding. It was a beautiful day in Washington today.

squirtdad 08-03-09 10:09 AM

Good weekend for errands

Friday, stopped at market an got a few essentials (klondike bars, chips for salsa and guacamole for friday block tgif party. I did a detour in my commute or utility? does it really matter ;)

trip 1 with my son, farmers market, stop for a bagel snack, get summer reading books (let me plug Hicklebees, if you love books and kids...this is a wonderful book shop and they are slowly expanding online )

trip 2 with my son to a local hardware store to find late season peas to luck but got duplicate keys, combo lock and misc nut that i needed

Sunday rode to friends house for a visit.

terraskye 08-03-09 02:12 PM

Ran errands today. 1st we biked over to return some movies and then to the Organic store for corn tortillas and then Safeway for full panniers of groceries.
Enchiladas with bean and rice for supper tonight. Yummy

Condorita 08-03-09 03:40 PM

Once every three weeks or so I take a long touring ride to the farmers' market. Yesterday was the most recent.

crackerdog 08-04-09 10:20 AM
Fused glass pyramid cap that I made from recycled windows. I wouldn't want to crash with all that glass on there. This is going on top of a pyramid I made for a client last year. I am making another one and I will light it and ride around at night.

freediver 08-04-09 06:41 PM

Put both kids on the back of the Xtra, packed a cooler on one side and swimsuit and towels on the other, everything else goes in the front panniers, and off we went on a tour of the town.

First stop was the zoo about 10 miles from my house. Then, swimming at a lake where we also had a picnic there. Next, we came back from the other side of town and went swimming at the local Ymca- biking can really heat you up! Finally, we headed home for supper.

We did almost 25 miles in all. None of it was very fast, but I hauled a good 100 pounds along with me all day- including kids, coolers, and other supplies.


terraskye 08-04-09 07:36 PM

Just a quick trip to the post office this morning to pick up a parcel ....Also Y'all have me setting my sights on a Xtracycle someday.

memnoch_proxy 08-05-09 07:56 AM

this weekend I went to LBS and got a Surley 1x1 rigid fork and tube for my son's coaster bike (12" tube) and a new saddle. Couldna put the box with the fork in my saddle bag because I was towing a tag-along with my son on it. So I bungied the box to my handlebars and biked home with son in tow. (He's excited to get a bigger bike.)

kingfish254 08-05-09 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by qmsdc15 (Post 8906476)
Damn, Bloompedal, how long did it take you to drink all that beer!? :)

More cardboard boxes.

The biggest 37x24x17 filled with guess what? Styrofoam peanuts. Not protecting something, bags of the packaging material. The two heavy boxes and other items carelessly bungeed on top of the blue bin fell forward onto my wheel a half a block from the drop, but nothing was damaged. :o

The heaviest load today, maybe 400lb.

I crossed these guys when a little gap opened a few minutes after taking this shot. I picked up two boxes from the building on the left and when I came out they were still rolling as strong as in this picture.

Love the trailer, but it seams to be built a bit nose heavy. If you moved the wheels forward some you could achive a more balanced load and take some of the stress off of the tongue and bike.

Do you have a photo of how it couples to the bike?

squirtdad 08-05-09 10:08 AM


Originally Posted by crackerdog (Post 9417686)
Fused glass pyramid cap that I made from recycled windows. I wouldn't want to crash with all that glass on there. This is going on top of a pyramid I made for a client last year. I am making another one and I will light it and ride around at night.

That is an awesome piece of much did it weigh and how big is your kiln? Pics of the next one lit up at night will be in order

bigshew 08-05-09 12:00 PM

"Love the trailer, but it seams to be built a bit nose heavy. If you moved the wheels forward some you could achive a more balanced load and take some of the stress off of the tongue and bike."

This has been discussed before on BF. You don't want a "balanced" load on the trailer because it can easily become unbalanced due to road conditions. For example, when you're going uphill the weight will shift to the back of the trailer. The back of the trailer will want to go down and that means the front has to go up and along with it the rear wheel of your bike. You really don't want this "see-saw" effect, especially on a hill. That's why the wheel position you see in the pics is the correct one.

kingfish254 08-05-09 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by kingfish254 (Post 9424599)
Love the trailer, but it seams to be built a bit nose heavy. If you moved the wheels forward some you could achive a more balanced load and take some of the stress off of the tongue and bike.

Do you have a photo of how it couples to the bike?

[QUOTE=qmsdc15]Kingfish, the trailer is from Bikes At Work. The hitch is available here:


Cool site and trailer. I was thinking you had a homemade trailer from a ladder. Great seeing what all you have hauled with it.

Have you ever seen a Haley Trike?

The builder makes these is Philly now, but he made the prototype in our 1873 courtyard as he helped us restore our house.

Thanks again for sharing.

qmsdc15 08-06-09 05:51 AM

I've seen that first photo on In fact I copied it to my computer sometime
in the past. I don't really remember where I copied it from. I think someone put the photo
in their blog with a link to the Haley website. The trikes look real nice and so does Marina!

qmsdc15 08-07-09 04:40 PM

Four large boxes containing ceramic coffee cups, and a big roll of architectural drawings.
Load balanced properly over axle. :)

fotooutdoors 08-09-09 02:48 PM

Well, this was a couple weeks ago, but I'm kinda proud of it. My wife hit a curb with the van and popped out the sidewall of the tire while traveling home on vacation. The spare tire wouldn't crank down, so I took the bad tire/wheel to get a new tire on. 6 miles round trip.

squirtdad 08-10-09 11:52 AM

Weekend errands, Ice cream and book run, 2 runs to the local hardware store (always buy one bigger and one smaller bolt than the one you think is the right size)

qmsdc15 08-13-09 07:33 PM

Ugh, I blew the deadline on an FTC filing for a new big client. Basically there wasn't enough time, but,
a few nasty circumstances combined to put me there at the drop a minute of two late. :( Bringing the
boxes of unfiled filings back to the client, I saw another ice cream bike. I don't think these guys ride.
The other one I posted pictures of here is now parked on the mall like this guy and I spotted a gas
engine hooked up to his bike.:(
I'm miserable right? Yes, but, a block before I took this picture on my ride of shame, I snuck up on
and pushed this pedicab for a few seconds which surprised and delighted him, and check it out, the
ice cream guy is sort of excited too, about getting his picture taken. I'm still kinda bummed about
failing on this double rush job, but life goes on...

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