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Singlespeed92 08-17-13 08:16 PM

I've used trailers (and enjoyed it) too. This wasn't exactly "hauling panniers" though ;)

Turbo231 08-23-13 11:40 AM

Most bikes I've carried ever. Technically there are 5 there, not sure if the 2 kids bikes count though. Showing a little sag in my hitch. The 2.225" 16-inch kid bike tires I found fit great though, no issues there anymore. Never went above 3rd gear or 7 MPH...more for stability and trying to not break anything.

NoBrakeNate 08-23-13 09:59 PM

I just hauled some kids bikes to work the other day for a Pixie race.

kevbo 09-02-13 05:06 PM

Labor Day picnic in the park. One propane BBQ grill, 20# propane bottle, spare 5# bottle, ice chest ( full when I left home) , 13x9' fly screen gazebo, 4 folding chairs. Probably the biggest load my Mundo has carried to date.

frantik 09-02-13 05:17 PM

I've gotten pretty used to hauling a 25 pound speaker box on my bike.. last month I rode 45 miles in one night with it.. rode about 65 miles in just the last week including a 30 mile trip. I've noticed with more weight you can't accelerate as quickly but the additional inertia means you slow down less due to air resistance.. or at least that's how it feels.

noglider 09-02-13 05:25 PM

25 pound speaker box? Why?!

mjw16 09-07-13 06:43 PM

Went to the farmer's market, a coffee shop then, the playground with my wife and son this morning. Both my wife and I have been commuting for years and often run errands on our way home, however this is the first time we've all gone out as a family. I guess I felt that my son either wasn't ready or interested yet. I just picked up a Trek 800 for $50 on CL and, this is exactly what it's for. Flat pedals, rear rack, U lock: I got it last Wed and have already run multiple errands to Giant, CVS, LBS, for mundane but necessary things. I work from home on Fridays now and rode to a restaurant down the street for lunch. Although I do a lot of other types of riding, I've depended, too heavily, on the car for local errands-not any more. This is so much cheaper, funner and, more convenient. I guess I was scared of my other bikes getting stolen and, didn't always feel like putting on my riding shoes for local errands. This is back to basics cycling and, I've missed it.

Sixty Fiver 09-13-13 03:56 PM

Told my daughter I would pick her up after school... I think she was expecting that I was going to drive.

She decided she would start riding to school on Monday... it is only a mile away.

rdlange 09-17-13 02:30 PM

When I did that my daughter made me wait at the far end of the playground so her friends wouldn't see her straddled on the back of my old Raleigh. She wouldn't rather walk though... Better biking roads back in Virgina than here in Texas.

chibougamoo 10-09-13 09:10 PM

We are experiencing an Indian Summer spell here (some 60 miles North of Niagara Falls), so I broke out the Yuba Mundo and went grocery shopping at the local Wally World. It's the kind of day that you can't help but smile, out on a bike.

Always takes me a couple of minutes to get used to low-speed maneuvering on the Mundo again (especially tight turns around pipe obstructions). Quite a bit different feel at low speeds, from my other shorter wheelbase city bikes (like Cannondale, Dahon or a Trek). I use mostly back-roads, including going through a local park (with narrow gates --- to discourage motorcycles I guess?), but I have to get diagonally across one busy intersection, to get into the Stupor Center. Way too dangerous for us slow-poke retirees to use either road at this one choke-point, so I exit the bank's lot, cross at the pedestrian stripes to the local convenience-store lot, and do a tight "circle" on the open grass at the half-way point, waiting for the light to change, so I can scoot towards the shopping car-trap-lot. Takes me some extra care, not to look silly and fall off, doing those tight circles!

Fortunately the local Wally has a decent (tall) bike rack, where I can properly lock up the Beast. I think I haul more weight in U-locks and cable-stringers (to secure the saddle against casual theft), than groceries! Supposed to be nice for the next couple of days, so guess I get to practice my tight turns, some more.

noglider 10-09-13 11:30 PM

Rode uptown to have dinner with my mother.

Sixty Fiver 10-09-13 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by rdlange (Post 16076213)
When I did that my daughter made me wait at the far end of the playground so her friends wouldn't see her straddled on the back of my old Raleigh. She wouldn't rather walk though... Better biking roads back in Virgina than here in Texas.

I brought her Raleigh to school... at 16 she is a little too big to double anymore.


frantik 10-10-13 02:17 AM

15 mile trip on my music bike (50lbs total bike + sound system) pulling a trailer, 10 miles or so with another bike in it

noglider 10-10-13 05:57 AM


Originally Posted by Sixty Fiver (Post 16148226)
I brought her Raleigh to school... at 16 she is a little too big to double anymore.


She's 16 already? Where does the time go?!

chibougamoo 10-30-13 03:24 PM

Nice bright somewhat-cool day (after rain, the last couple of days), so I took out the winter-weather beater for a shake-down, before the white stuff lands. Lots of wet leaves on the road, and that can be more treacherous than ice. Off to the pharmacy, and a bit of grocery shopping. It's become a ritual at the check-out --- the cashier asks "Air miles?" and I respond, "No --- bicycle miles". When they ask, "How many bags you want?" I tell 'em "None, I'll just load it all, on the bike, thanks."

They all look at me somewhat puzzled, wondering what's with this weird ol' geezer. Oh well ...

Niloc 11-13-13 11:21 AM

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Picked up my drycleaning

SmallFront 12-03-13 06:06 PM

Took my daughter to the emergency room (no pics). Turned out nothing serious was wrong.

Sixty Fiver 12-03-13 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by noglider (Post 16148477)
She's 16 already? Where does the time go?!

I have no idea... I am still shocked that I have 2 teenage daughters and that all my hair hasn't fallen out or turned grey.

They really are wonderful girls who are turning into people I am proud of.

Reynolds 01-04-14 10:30 PM

Went to the pet shop and returned with 2 21 kg dog food bags. 15 km round trip.

katcorot 03-21-14 03:48 AM

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Took our old broken hot water tank to the recycle yard. Along the way I came to a fork in the path, left went up and over a MUP over pass. Right I nice flat detour thru a traffic light, both ending up at the same place. Two sides of me argued. The "I want a challenge" won. So left I went and regret soon followed. Lowest spot in gear range and nearly came a stop before the crest, the 180 hairpin turn to the ramp didn't help matters.

OdieInAz 03-27-14 09:10 PM

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Not much of a load but it was 30 mile round trip, with 1200' elevation gain for 15 miles. A prescription, floss, and beer. All necessary.

wipekitty 04-19-14 09:03 PM

I've become a monster since I discovered that one of the few paved bike trails in town dumps out right next to a large home improvement store. Today's haul: Landscaping mulch.

Dan Burkhart 04-27-14 10:00 PM

Loaded up a bunch of old dead electronics to haul to a local school that hosted a weekend long disposal event. It was only about 6 km to the school, so after delivering the cargo, my wife and I continued on to the lakeshore for a nice ride.

Sixty Fiver 05-20-14 02:54 PM

Took the empties to the depot and then stopped at the re-store to pick up craft supplies...

esmith2039 06-06-14 05:09 PM

Just the essentials..

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