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mkeller234 05-16-09 05:11 PM

Anyone here ever use the Bontrager interchange bags??
I just bought the grocery bag yesterday, I also have the Bontrager back rack II. I rode home from the bike shop with it attached and it fell off twice during my 11 mile trip.

Is it a defect in the bag, an error in the way it was secured or does the interchange system just fall short?

Rob_U 05-16-09 09:25 PM

I've had the Back Rack, and the Interchange Trunk Pack for a year, and have no problems with that coming off. I added the Interchange Pannier 2 set this spring, and have used it about 6 times with no problems. You can actually get close to a grocery bag into the main compartment (less than the Grocery Pannier), and it zippers shut. I do have the trunk pack on it most of the time, so I don't know if that helps keep the Panniers on, but I did use them once without the Trunk Pack. You do have to get the knob on the back of the bag in the right position so that it doesn't move around. The Pannier 2 set has a very rigid back, I don't know if that is true of the Grocery Pannier either. I've carried them empty to the store (about 6 miles), and full on the way back with no problem (yet).
Did the Bike shop help you with the adjustments - either way I would go back to them for some hands-on assistance.


mkeller234 05-17-09 09:02 AM

The grocery pannier bag still has the rigid back that you describe. I had ridden my bike to the shop to buy the bag so it was actually the LBS employee who clipped the bag into place. I told the LBS what happened on my way home and it got me absolutely nowhere. I am going to write to Trek and see what they have to say next.

I have had great experiences with Trek's customer service, so I am sure they will make it right. I am disappointed that it was not a priority for my local bike shop.

Rob_U 05-18-09 12:12 PM

Sorry to hear your LBS wasn't much help, with the internet, and the economy, the only thing they can have going for them is customer service - looks like this one falls short.

Make sure the lock button (yellow) is engaged:

And that the knob on the back is positioned so that the pack doesn't move around at all.

If it still doesn't stay on, I would try to get a refund from the LBS, or get Trek involved.

Good Luck,

tsl 05-18-09 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by Rob_U (Post 8939323)
Make sure the lock button (yellow) is engaged:

And that the knob on the back is positioned so that the pack doesn't move around at all.

If it still doesn't stay on, I would try to get a refund from the LBS, or get Trek involved.

Trouble is, the Interchange Grocery Pannier has no yellow button, nor does it have knob on the back. Near as I can tell, it just sits there. There's some sort of latching mechanism in the hangers, but it's easily overcome--just yank on the handles and off it pops.

A friend just bought a pair. I'm waiting to see how they work over the long haul. With no restraint on the back, and just those clips on the top, I'm a bit leery of them myself. Everything else about them is great. I was ready to replace my existing grocery panniers, until I saw how they attach.

Rob_U 05-18-09 01:18 PM

I haven't been able to find a picture of the back, but this photo from Trek shows that the Interchange grocery pack does have the hooks and (yellow?) locking button. I wouldn't be able to say anything about the knob on the back. The original poster should check to be sure that he has the Interchange version. I have heard that the straps on the non-interchange version hold very poorly.

tsl 05-18-09 03:05 PM

My bad.

It's the Bontrager Grocery Pannier that my friend bought, (and I almost bought)
"Installs and removes in seconds via Interchange Transit hardware for convenient commuter shopping"

cman 05-18-09 03:12 PM

A friend of mine has the Bontragers without the interchange, just two hooks and the bungee hook on the bottom. His fall off all the time. He fixed it by attaching one of the handles to the opposite side of the rack with a small velcro strap.

mkeller234 05-19-09 11:44 AM

Hi, sorry about the lapse.

I do have the version with the yellow locking button and the knob on the back. The LBS employee actually showed me that at the time of the purchase, I watched him click it in place.

I did make 1 adjustment, I moved the position of the bag back a little bit. I haven't had it fall off again yet but I have not had it loaded with stuff either.

TransitBiker 05-03-14 12:12 AM

Just got them today on new bike. You definitely need to adjust the bottom mount for correct geometry & watch those axle lugnuts, as they can keep them from dropping in the rear rack all the way.

- Andy

TransitBiker 05-27-14 10:05 PM

After a few weeks with these on, i can say the 2 main things is to be sure the bags are dropped onto the rack all the way, the latch will then engage by itself. If there is a part of the rack structure in the way (part of a weld etc) it will not engage properly.

I've ridden with 5 bottles of water, a backpack, my U lock, and a hat all in one (i have 2) and it held fine even over some pretty nasty road cancer.

I will be attempting to use them to haul part of my groceries sometime in the next week.

- Andy

TransitBiker 09-01-14 11:15 PM

The bags i have are not the grocery bags, but the 2 pocket panniers, no longer sold. Sorry for the confusion. They can hold about 1.6 grocery bags per side (today i carried a gallon of milk in main pocket, with room to spare in that pocket), which is pretty cool, and the latching mechanism that attaches to the rack is very solid empty or full. Hope they bring these back at some point, as they are brilliant.

To original poster, any updates?

- Andy

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