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how much weight do you carry or tow?

Utility Cycling Want to haul groceries, beer, maybe even your kids? You don't have to live car free to put your bike to use as a workhorse. Here's the place to share and learn about the bicycle as a utility vehicle.

how much weight do you carry or tow?

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The only thing I notice when my trailer is putting negative load on the hitch is an annoying clatter at the connection. It's hard to load my trailer badly rear weighted. It's a little bit idiot proof in this regard, thankfully.
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I typically haul about 40 to 60 lbs in my trailer (www.redbiketrailer.com) I have carried as much as 120 but that is not pleasant. Almost any trailer will start riding funny at heavier weights. It has it's own weight and enertia that's separate from the bike. although noglider is right it gets a lot uglier the farther off axle you get.
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I'd guess I've gone 160lbs...on my XC, I've taken two kids (125lbs) and picnic gear (35lbs: food, propane, grille). Sometimes I've loaded picnic gear, one kid on the snapdeck, and towed the burley bee with another kid behind my XC for roughly the same tonnage. I have yet to do a grocery run that reaches that mass. Kitty litter and food tops about 75lbs. I've probably lugged 45-55lbs of groceries on the XC. Toting the christmas tree was definitely not the heaviest load I've lugged, and that was with one kid on the back (95lbs I'd est).
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thoughts on tow weight for rear axle?

Learning a lot. Do you reckon that a regular bike (we have a Bike Friday Tandem) ought to be able to pull, let's say 270 lbs give or take, regularly without too much wear and tear at the rear axle? That's my main concern. I pull a child trailer daily (or every other day) at around 100 lbs, 12 miles each trip no problem. But as we aim to be even more car-free, I am in need of pulling an adult in a WIKE extra large trailer ... all weight will be around 270 lbs, same distance daily. What are your thoughts on a bicycle pulling (at the rear axle) 270 lbs regularly?
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Myself, I would at least switch from a QR skewer to an Allen head skewer. More reliance of friction against the fork end to hold the trailer hitch in place, rather than potentially relying on the shear strength of the skewer should the QR skewer be less than ridiculously tight. It sounds like your total rear axle load is 270 pounds. Am I reading that correctly? The 406 mm wheels on a Friday tandem should be up to that just fine if they were built properly. I've pulled ~250 pounds of books with a BF tikit; I weigh 200 pounds. The hub was a Microshift. Why yes, I sometimes do really stupid things, thanks for noticing. The tandem axle is up to the task. It's the rest of the wheel that might be in question. For that much load regularly placed on the rear wheel, I would change to brass nipples (if they are currently aluminum), add spoke head washers to spread out the spoke load on the hub flanges, and run the spoke tension up to 85% of the rated rim max tension. Ref: "Art of Wheelbuilding," Gerd Schraner.

For pulling an adult, I might go a little more belt-and-suspenders: use a Bikes@Work hitch or switch to the Surly Bill trailer. I use a Surly Bill and regularly load it up to an ill-advised 400+ pounds. One caveat against the Surly trailers is the hitch's terrible turning radius. I am also using a tandem to pull my Bill and the turning radius is almost doubled.
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Originally Posted by crazzywolfie
i have hauled about 400 pound on my trailer once. i figure as long as it fit in my box it is ok.
How was this? Did you have any special customisations?
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Originally Posted by FergM
How was this? Did you have any special customisations?
No real special customizations. I would sometimes install a 34tooth gear in the back for heavy loads but not much otherwise
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I imagine if you pull 270 pounds (123 kilograms) and it’s with all pedal power (no motor), then you’re not climbing any significant hills. I’ve pulled weight up hills, and it’s hard, and the weight was probably under 80 pounds (36 kilograms), probably much less than that.

Years ago in this thread, I mentioned that I would consider getting a flat bed trailer. I don’t tow a trailer frequently anymore, but I converted my kiddie trailer to a flat bed simply by removing the sides and top. It rattles a lot, and that’s annoying, and securing things takes a bit of work every time, but it’s otherwise useful. I suppose I should make a box for it and mount it semi-permanently.

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Please email me rather than PM'ing me. Thanks.
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I am guessing the load in the post in the link below was around 400lbs. Yes, hills can be hard. I have a really tiny 4th chain ring. I forget what size it is. There is a thread here on BF discussing that from about 2015-2017. In any event, I can gear down extremely low. That is about the extent of the "modifications". Other than that, its a matter of getting a hitch on the bike.

Tune in to the thread the link takes you to - I have been working the past couple days to resolve the hitch issue mentioned in the thread below. When I get through the "project" I will update that thread.
Trailer experimentation - from kid trailer to sectional adjustable length frame

For discussion's sake here, also - the other problem I mentioned in the above thread I linked to is the low tire pressure of the trailer tires. If you can get the tires up to higher pressure - 50-100psi - that will make a big difference on decreasing your rolling resistance. If you are running with light weight (under 100lbs) it probably isn't going to be that noticeable. The tires the trailer has had on it thus far have only been rated to 35psi. I am also working on a new wheel set to get higher pressure rated tires on the trailer.
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up to about 450lb total combined weight. I had to use motorcycle tires because bicycle tires are just too wimpy. 16" x 2.25" fit on a BMX rim and are about 21 " od.

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