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longhaulblue 02-12-12 07:00 AM

Hauling a bike with a bike
How do you haul a bike with a bike? I've seen some pretty large trailers on this forum and I'm sure that you could definitely do it. But I was wondering if there is something like a bike carrier, the one you put on car roofs, that can be attached to a bike. Or, is that just mechanically not feasible?

Just curious.

harshbarj 02-12-12 08:13 AM

I myself bungee the front fork (wheel removed) to the rear rack of my hauling bike. It works, but can be a bit unstable. I also take it slow (under 15kph). What would be best is to find a way to mechanically anchor the fork to the other bike in such a way it can't come off.

TuckamoreDew 02-20-12 11:20 PM

I use a trailer myself, but I don't think it'd be too hard to rig up something similar to the Trail-Gator child towing attachment.

AsanaCycles 02-23-12 10:46 PM

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its not that hard.
I think you can use Rocky Mounts roof racks, and bolt up the rack system to WideLoaders. possibly allowing you to haul 4 bikes.

today I hauled my CAAD10
and did a quick errand or two, some food, etc...

here's what I do.

use BOB trailer bag.
remove wheels from bike
put bike into BOB trailer bag. <--- fork goes in the bag, cranks, and as much of the chain stays as possible. click the center strap across the top tube of the bike, cinch it down.
place bob trailer bagged bike onto WideLoader. place wheels on the outside of bagged bike.

I use straps, rope, or whatever, to run from the BD frame, under the wide loaders, up and over the bike and wheels, maybe go thru the wheels, or put the wheels in a wheel bags, thread the rope or whatever it is, thru something so the wheels don't fall off the bike, if things loosen up.
run rope or strap to the other side of VRack, and cinch down. use a truckers not, or buckles, etc..

here are a couple of examples.

Youaintgotjack 03-05-12 04:51 PM

reminded me of this pic I saw on flickr.

randomgear 03-06-12 01:20 AM

Ahearne Cycles has done a detachable hitch with a skewer, it's quite sweet:

kevbo 03-06-12 05:32 AM
Where there is will, there is a way!

SweetLou 03-06-12 09:10 AM


Originally Posted by randomgear (Post 13937138)
Ahearne Cycles has done a detachable hitch with a skewer, it's quite sweet:

I like how it is low. I have always thought using something like a Delta Hitch would work. Somehow mount it to a rack. I have never tried this, so I don't know how feasible it is.

biker 03-12-12 09:13 AM

I hauled many a bike home on this. :)

Always carry a few bungee cords on rides ! :)

frantik 03-31-13 11:29 PM

i've carried a bike over my shoulder while riding a bike, but using a trailer is much easier

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