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when 04-27-12 04:00 PM

Freight bikes with a hand crank / push option?
I'm not talking about a bike meant for those that lack the use of their legs, I'm talking about a freight bike that can either be pedaled in the regular position or the user can get off the bike and push it up a hill with their shoulder on a pad and pedaling a second set of cranks with their hands. I seem to recall this may have been a military transport bike used by the Viet Cong. Does anyone have a picture of something like this? I've searched and can't find anything.

when 05-09-12 10:45 AM


himespau 05-09-12 11:23 AM

Why hand pedal if you're pushing with your shoulder?

rdlange 05-09-12 12:34 PM

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The VC used regular bicycles with an extension pole mounted on the near side handle bar for one hand and another at the seat for the other hand. Then they walked along side and pushed it along the trails, loaded up.

when 05-11-12 09:13 AM

That's it, I must have misremembered.

badmother 05-11-12 03:53 PM

I think maybe it would be difficult to apply any force by hand pedaling while also pushing the bike like you suggested. Also lots of extra steel to drag with you all the time so had to be really effective to be worth it.

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