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purplemutant 09-08-12 01:47 AM

I have a milk crate on the rack on the back of my bike. I put the pizza box on the milk crate and secure it with a small cargo net. If I don't have my cargo net I use a couple of bungee cords. I had no problems bringing home a large pizza this way.

gadgetadam 11-15-12 07:54 PM

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When I lived in downtown Houston I did it all the time.

fietsbob 11-16-12 01:35 AM

see Wald has a version of a Porteur rack ,now.. their new adjustable length struts
to the Hub axle are better than the old type.

went to retrieve a hot pie on my Bike Friday.. front rack.
I have D rings on the top outside of my Panniers, so a stretch net works..

another buy was a Pauls Flat bed Porteur rack, found an aluminum Pizza Pan fits OK
so I can do the take and bake one of those , maybe bring the pan in
and they can cling wrap it in its cardboard pan over the metal one.

colombo357 11-16-12 01:24 PM

I usually get the pizza flavored Clif Bars.

Then you just stick em in your pocket.

Commodus 11-16-12 01:56 PM

I just bungee 'em onto a regular rear rack. I keep the bungies on the rack at all times.

RickBlane 03-23-13 08:41 PM

What is this one pizza you people speak of? 3 pizza boxes bungee fine to my rear rack.

RickBlane 04-01-13 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by Commodus (Post 14955989)
I just bungee 'em onto a regular rear rack. I keep the bungies on the rack at all times.

For a useful answer this is mine too.

Zedoo 04-02-13 10:03 PM

I don't have a rack, and I've never picked up just one box. Sometimes they are three boxes of different sizes. With a trailer I don't worry about strapping them down.

kevbo 04-03-13 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by GEOlson (Post 14282679)
In Japan some of the pizza delivery scooters have a crane-like device where the pizza bag/platform is suspended by a chain which is attached to a metal "Crane" so the pizza can swing when taking turns. It would be neat to make something similar for a bicycle.

You only need to do that for turns if your bike is three wheeled or has a sidecar that prevents it from leaning, or if you are in the habit of hanging way off the bike in turns, or throw the bike while pedaling off the saddle.

Leaning normally in turns _prevents_ the toppings from sliding. Flat turns, as a car makes, encourage them to slide. Yes, really! This is one of those cases where "common sense" fails many people. Pilots would not make such an error.

The chain deally would be useful for hard stops, but my mind imagines the pizza swinging back down into the head tube when you finally come to rest after a maximum effort stop, and making a mess. For planned stops I imagine you could "fly" the swinging pizza to a gentle landing by modulating the brakes.

wphamilton 04-03-13 07:22 AM

Couldn't you just stack the pieces with wax paper into a narrower box?

semaler 04-03-13 07:31 AM

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I installed a front rack for this purpose...

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