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Chesha Neko 04-29-12 08:23 PM

Best way to carry pizza?
I rolled by a pizza shop this evening on the way home, and the smell was fantasic. However, I don't have a solution for getting a large pizza home. Can't fit it in the Carradice, and the Travoy due to its angle would leave a pizza a pile of mush in one side of the box.

What to do?

knurly 04-29-12 08:50 PM

I have a Topeak basket. All I need is an empty box to fill it, then I have the top surface to carry the pizza.
I do it every Saturday!

GuyForget 04-30-12 07:34 AM

Depending how big the pizza is you could secure it to a rear rack with bungee cords. If its something you plan to do regularly you could go find some bungee cords just the right length to not crush the box but still hold it securely.

Chesha Neko 04-30-12 05:10 PM

So maybe one of those Topeak seatpost racks, and some bungees. Going to have to give it a shot.

KenSmith 04-30-12 06:34 PM

I would stop, purchase pizza, consume half with appropriate brewed bevarage, ask for a small box, strap to rack.
Problem solved....

Chesha Neko 04-30-12 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by KenSmith (Post 14164085)
I would stop, purchase pizza, consume half with appropriate brewed bevarage, ask for a small box, strap to rack.
Problem solved....

LOL. Genius.

etw 04-30-12 07:33 PM

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Rimmer 04-30-12 07:38 PM

Personally I would eat half or 5/8 if it's Large or Extra Large, then carry the other half in a smaller box. Usually they'll hand you a big box. Say you don't want it, and that you want a smaller box. If it's just Medium, I would eat the whole thing. Before I would eat two Mediums or one Extra Large, but I don't like overeating much anymore.

dcrowell 05-01-12 10:34 AM

I called for pizza delivery one time, and the driver had just quit, so I had to pick it up. I'm car-free, and it was a bit far to walk.

My recumbent has a rear rack and panniers. I put the pizza on top the rack and panniers and strapped it down with a couple of bungie cords. Worked fine.

Digital_Cowboy 05-01-12 10:40 AM

I have a pizza shop that I go to that is bicycle themed, and what I was thinking of doing is/was measuring their largest box and then building an insulated box to mount to my pannier rack, with shelves inside of it for carrying one or more pizzas and offering to deliver pizzas for them within a mile or two of the shop.

The box could be divided into two compartments one for the pizzas and one for the salads. Bottles of soda could go into the pannier bags. The box could also be painted in the shops colors as well as having the shop logo painted on the sides.

As what would be more appropriate for a bicycle themed pizza shop then to have pizzas delivered by someone on a bicycle?

jdswitters 05-01-12 10:44 AM

bud16415 05-01-12 12:13 PM

All the goodies go in the back, pizza up front. next time i make a pizza run I'll have to take a picture.


fietsbob 05-01-12 02:32 PM

Porteur rack, I have one Paul's flatbed, I can slip a .4M diameter Pizza pie plate
in it, and pick up those family size take and bakes.

I have picked up boxed hot takeouts,
a stretch net hooked onto the D rings of my
Front panniers Bike Friday Travel bike.
the rack is above the wheel so widest point is the bag D rings.

but really once you have the Insulated delivery bag to keep it hot
, all else is simple

BIG-E 05-01-12 04:05 PM

I bungee them to the top of the plastic tote that usually rides in my BOB. It's the perfect width. I'll have to figure out another method when we get our Big Dummy soon.

ka0use 05-05-12 08:14 AM

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i have seen porteur racks on pizza bikes in europe, but this is the only pic i have of a pb.

xenologer 05-06-12 11:15 PM

fold pizza in half to make a calzone

alexaschwanden 05-06-12 11:51 PM

Balance it on your helmet like a boss.

009jim 05-07-12 01:53 AM

Fit wheels to said pizza box and just tow it home!!!!

cpt. Howdy 05-08-12 09:59 PM

I can put a large pizza on my rear rack. I just use a bungie net. Best $5 my wife ever spent. :)

dayworks 05-25-12 08:59 PM

You could get a thin piece of plywood the roughly the same size as the pizza box and then bungee them to a rear rack. The plywood will reinforce the box and keep if from collapsing.

salek 05-26-12 09:35 AM

I bought a pair of Cannondale Overlands in 1984. With their stiffeners, they provide a nice, wide rear deck as seen in the photo located at . That is my method. Something that I had to do one day that I do not recommend, I had to hold the box over my back during a hailstorm that caught me on the way back from the pizza joint. The helmet protected my head. The box protected most of my back. Arms and legs just had to suffer.

kookaburra1701 05-26-12 01:05 PM


Originally Posted by ka0use (Post 14183937)
i have seen porteur racks on pizza bikes in europe, but this is the only pic i have of a pb.

Damn, is broccoli really that popular of a topping in Europe?

hotbike 05-26-12 04:05 PM

Here is the Worksman price list :

It's a pdf file, but it's only ONE page .

The Pizza Bike (Genuine New York Pizza Bike) is called model LGP . (Stands for Low Gravity, Pizza) . The "Low Gravity" means to bike has a 20 inch front wheel to keep to center of gravity low.

The LGP-S is a new version , which loads from the side, the "S" stands for "side".

This is the Real , the only, Genuine New York City Pizza Bike, which inspired most of my "NFA Vehicles" series of bike designs.

Again, the "real thing" is made by Worksman Cycles in Ozone Park, Queens, New York.

SW7783 05-28-12 05:04 PM

In Japan some of the pizza delivery scooters have a crane-like device where the pizza bag/platform is suspended by a chain which is attached to a metal "Crane" so the pizza can swing when taking turns. It would be neat to make something similar for a bicycle.

David Bierbaum 05-28-12 05:39 PM

If you want to do something spur-of-the-moment, I think you might carry 4 to 8 velcro cable-ties with you, and when you go to the pizza place, ask for a box, cut slits in it that match your rack, stick the velcro through the slits, so that you can attach the box directly to the rack. Then just have them put the pizza in that box for you, velcro the box to the rack, and peddle home! As an added advantage, fiddling with the velcro and the box will give you something to do while you wait for the pizza! :)

I made an ersatz rack bag with this method, and it seems to work fine, even with a full bag of groceries in it.

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