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alexwgoody 08-12-12 09:23 PM

Beer koozies for my bottlecage
I am trying to find a beer koozy that will make a beer in a glass bottle fit securely in my bottle cage, I'm surprised, I would have thought mountain bikers would have created them years ago. is there such a product or am I gonna have to get a patent?

Nightshade 08-13-12 10:57 AM

Beer on a bike is one bad thing to do but a glass bottle is even worse.

ezdoesit 08-13-12 07:11 PM


Originally Posted by Nightshade (Post 14599929)
Beer on a bike is one bad thing to do but a glass bottle is even worse.


fietsbob 08-14-12 02:20 AM

Stainless growler in your pannier ..

pick 08-14-12 09:10 AM


Originally Posted by Nightshade (Post 14599929)
Beer on a bike is one bad thing to do but a glass bottle is even worse.

What he said +bazillion

As for the comment about MTB'rs - In my day after our races we did imbibe, AFTER the riding was done....

kiltedcelt 08-25-12 09:56 AM

Yes - this. Did try to carry a couple beers on the ol' mtb once. I can't remember how we secured them in the bottle cages but I think it probably had something to do with rags to take up the space so they didn't rattle. The thing is, they got so shaken up by the ride that they foamed out to nothing as I seem to recall. Carrying beer on a mountain bike is just a dumb idea. If you don't mind waiting a few hours to drink it, fine, but you'd be better off carrying it in a padded rack trunk or other type of bag.

mcrowley 10-08-12 02:38 PM

Backpack is the only way to go for carbonated beverages on a bike. Once open, you have to one hand it until the can is empty. Any bracket/ holder is going to shake the beer out of the can.

Less is more:

Although your track stands at the red light are going to get a little shaky after the first one.

atariwhizkid 10-09-12 01:10 PM

You should not drink and bike. However, there are ways to keep the liquid from exiting a can when you are riding. I recently made myself a can holder out of a 15 oz. tin can and one of those Bontrager handlebar cage mount clamps. Then I attached one of these onto my drink can:

Didn't spill a drop.

RaleighSport 10-09-12 01:20 PM

I think there's a reason most "beer" bikes are fat tire cruisers for transporting a 6pack+ back from the store to where you're going to drink.

Niloc 10-09-12 10:54 PM

Nightshade 10-10-12 11:58 AM


Originally Posted by Niloc (Post 14825166)

Different but oh so dumb!

RaleighSport 10-10-12 12:47 PM

If you must, then do it right.

Nickfrogger 12-13-12 01:23 AM


Originally Posted by RaleighSport (Post 14827153)

There is one of those circling around Milwaukee. It's kind of like visiting a zoo, but it's free and you don't have to go anywhere. And instead of animals, you see drunk people. Quite entertaining.

pierce 12-13-12 04:11 AM

my old music festival bike is a 5-now-7 speed fat tire cruiser, and for the longest time it had a bottle holder on the handlebars, standard wire frame water bottle holder.. stretch it just a bit, and put a sierra nevada style bottle in a conventional foam beer koozie, and it fit in said holder just fine. riding smoothly and easily over the mile from our festival campsite to the stage area, the beer would be fine.

Rob_E 12-14-12 01:01 PM

Topeak has a number of adjustable bottle cages. I use the Modula Cage II. I haven't tried a beer bottle, but I have a stainless steel water bottle that has a smaller diameter than the rest of my bottles. Rather than adjust the bottle cage every time I change bottles, I just have a thin beer can coozie that I slide over the bottom. Keeps it from rattling. That same coozie also seems to fit on a beer bottle, so that might work as well.

unterhausen 12-14-12 02:42 PM

just get a porteur rack and carry the entire case

oldskoolwrench 12-14-12 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by RaleighSport (Post 14827153)

There are a few of these cruising around in Lower Downtown Denver (also called LoDo) on the weekends. The last time I was
down there the Beer Bike was stopped in the middle of the street because the drunken mutants on board started a fight with
some bystanders, spilled into the street, and 5-0 had their hands full restoring order.

gavinstevens 01-11-13 01:37 PM

Tall boy cans (16 oz.) fit fine in a normal bottle cage. I know that limits your beer selection.

I have a rear rack and strap an Army messenger bag onto it. That fits a six pack and a bag of groceries fine.

fietsbob 01-11-13 04:20 PM

My touring rig I made the stem to take a waterbottle cage on the front,
set up with 1.5" of spacers i did a non QR handle bar bag ..
inside the bag was 1 bottle cage.. I offset it to one side of the bag..

It seemed to work OK

at the end of the day, picked up a 'Heine' or 2 at one of the NL petrol stations.

[ practical reality,. that 6 pack thing puts too much faith in the cardboard carrier's handle]

sgnl2nz 02-19-13 01:16 AM

I frequently ride with cans or bottles in one of my cages. It's not always beer- sometimes juice or yerba mate on the way home from grocery shopping- but I have transported many different beers using a cheap aluminum Planet Bike bottle cage. Costs around $5 at REI or Jenson and you can just bend it to fit whatever sized bottle or can and then back again. No coozy needed, though I have been gentle when fitting 16oz cans. It will get shaken, but not explosively so.

tpolley 02-19-13 08:38 AM

what about an aluminum can with a screw on top? i used those when i would ride my 4 wheeler. like others have said, the bumps would shake the crap out of the beer and ruin the taste.

Cledry 03-02-13 01:04 AM

What is with all this nonsense about not having a beer when you ride? As long as you remain sober what is the big deal. I will frequently stop and relax at a pub and enjoy a pint and often a bite to eat before continuing on my way. Just as I wouldn't drive drunk neither would I cycle drunk, but a beer here and there should be fine for just about any rider.

PDX Reborn 03-16-13 03:29 PM

My LBS has some really cool stuff from Walnut Studiolo, for the "bicycle/beer connoisseur" :beer:
I really dig the can holder!

fietsbob 03-18-13 01:31 AM

Did get some bottle cozies as swag , distributor promos, donated to the local Tavern's Super bowl raffle..
Of Note: there are bottle shaped cans, now.. too..

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