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trrubicon06 08-30-12 06:52 AM

Where to buy push button quick release axles?
I've only found a few scattered places on the web that carries them. I know a wheelchair axle can be used, but prices and where to buy are up and down. The wheels I'm using have a standard 1/2" bore.

Where do you guys buy yours?

This is for a trailer...if there was any confusion.

squirtdad 08-30-12 12:01 PM

What are your trying to do? I have never really heard of this for a bike, but I don't know everthing.

are you a talking axles for a trailer?

or somthing like wheels on a jogging stroller (I had a jogging stroller that had wheels that you could take off, they had an hub and then a rod that you put into the stroller frame)

trrubicon06 08-30-12 12:36 PM

I'm talking about what most of the childrens and cargo trailers come with. Little button on the outside of the axle releases the wheel from the trailer.

trrubicon06 09-02-12 05:49 PM


chaadster 09-02-12 06:26 PM

Nuh uh.

Well...I know you can buy replacement wheels from Chariot, but I'm sure they ain't cheap, if that's what you're looking for.

merlinos 09-03-12 06:07 AM


116mm +/- 2mm

trrubicon06 09-03-12 08:54 AM


Originally Posted by merlinos (Post 14685467)

Yea, that was actually my last resort place to order. The shipping from Canada is the kicker. $15 shipping for 2 axles and receivers.

bdcain 09-03-12 10:48 AM

make you own recievers
ti wheelchair axles are the best imo for quick release and wheelchair hubs usually have a recess for the head too

so try to get a set from someone stepping up to a set of spinnergys or get a set of spinnergys!

I made this trailer with a quick release system for the hell of it if you didnt see my other postings already

but rather this axle system for my trailers
way cheaper more secure
4 allen bolts to pop axle assembly for shipping trailer or long term storage

and you can modify a quik release from a front skewer too

also look at my other trailers on you tube for ideas

fietsbob 09-05-12 11:59 PM

Quickie Wheelchair hubs?, maybe Phil Wood.. wonder if Skyway has something.
they make fiber reinforced nylon wheels for wheelchairs..

There are the ball detent pins , maybe those will serve in a wheel
with just the 2 bearings in it .. as they too have a button-release, handle.. .

boomer754 11-04-12 02:38 PM

You can purchase them here.

fietsbob 11-06-12 12:40 PM

you need the length of the receiving part, dimension, to be just the right thickness/depth.

so far undisclosed.. the seller mentioned above will supply information from their end.

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