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jawnn 10-20-12 11:30 AM

Best kickstand under $70 ????
I ordered the wrong size because they had the right info about sizing these center stands on the tall stands page not on the shorter one. So with the return shipping it cost me $45.
You must measure the distance from the mounting place to the bottom of the return chain line. I should have known that.

Most long cage derailleurs will need the taller one.

These are made mostly of heavy gauge steel but with solid aluminum legs, I could not find a stainless steel bolt to replace them with (12mm 1.5p). I did replace the attachment bolt with stainless steel (10mm 1.5p 50mm long). I will post some photos soon.

If 3lbs is too much for you are not riding a heavy duty cargo bike. But they do have lighter center stands.

If you donít want them to fill up with road mud you need a fender extension.

I think if your going to load children at a high center of gravity, you may need wider stand. Tall nerrow stands are very tippy on tilted ground.

jawnn 10-24-12 01:28 PM

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So I am thinking that this stand is going to bottom out on curbs with my 24" wheel. Good thing I have a short cargo bike. I may have to do some modification.

Well this one would have the same problem, from mount plate to the top of the legs is 5 1/2 " so it should clear your chain. The width is 2 1/2 " . Total height is 13". they said it costs 62 eurros plus 40 for shipping to seattle that's about 130 dollers us. and no garrentees tha it will fir your bike.

Juggler2 10-24-12 02:45 PM

I had one of these mounted on my cruiser style commuter. It hung down too low when folded in the upright position. I couldn't drop off of, or climb over a curb without hanging up. Potholes were a problem as well.

There is another style (Pletcher sp?) that tucks up tighter when folded.

fietsbob 10-24-12 04:46 PM

the ones welded on old Chicago Schwinns was hard to better..

zonatandem 10-24-12 04:59 PM

Lean bike against something.
Nothing to lean against? Lay it down.
Cost: ZERO $.

myrridin 10-25-12 08:29 AM

In my opinion it is hard to beat these;

jawnn 10-25-12 12:20 PM

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I may have to design and build my own center stand, like Haullen’ Collen's. I would pay $150 for this kind of stand, possibly even more if it had adjustable leg length. These cost something like $350.

And I think the wider stands only fit long cargo bikes. Mine is too short, my foot will hit the wider stands.

So the Yuba center stand broke!?.....the man that said that dissapeared his statement. was he coerced?
From what I hear,they are actually trying to improve their bicycles. So maybe they will take the advice here. No, sorry, too big to be bothered.

jawnn 10-25-12 12:30 PM

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How about a photo of one? I found a photo of the axle stands easy to make? Like the one on the front wheel of the Worksman Lowgravity,that is the only place to put it if you have a rear deraileur.


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 14876781)
the ones welded on old Chicago Schwinns was hard to better..

jawnn 10-31-12 11:32 AM

crowcycle's centerstand
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Not all bikes are going to bottom out, but the longer the bike the easyer it will. I have a 24" wheel (tire) and it is OK so far.
Show us your bike with the centerstand on it if you can.:)

This one shows how far off the ground my wheel is, it is very hard to lift my loaded bike so the stand will flip farward.
Shorter legs on the longer body would be good.

And then I took the leg extensions out and put on some new rubber leg tips so it fits just right. And it is a little less tippy. But will not work at all on uneven gound.

These rubber feet did not last long. So I put the extensions back in (much better feet).

TiBikeGuy 10-31-12 07:29 PM

Pletscher two leg bike stand - Made in Switzerland - unique is that it opens as two legs but folds to one leg. Great ground clearance and doesn't interfere with the chain on the drive train side. Price should be abt US$45. They also have this in silver, which is better because scratches will chip off the black paint.

TiBikeGuy 10-31-12 07:59 PM

ESGE also has a heavy duty double stand similar to the ones made by Pletscher.

jawnn 11-01-12 11:13 AM

I had one of these stands and screwed it up by cutting it too short, then I was going to use it on my smaller bike and the thing broke; possibly due to lack of lubrication. And wimpy springs.

I think they are made for light weight bicycles.

Allen 11-02-12 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by TiBikeGuy (Post 14901460)

ESGE also has a heavy duty double stand similar to the ones made by Pletscher.

I believe they are one and the same (same company own/makes both).

jawnn 11-06-12 02:11 PM

another glitch
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sometimes when I shift to my lowest gear the chain hangs up between the knoby tire and the stand. I may need to find a road tire.

jawnn 03-23-13 03:27 PM

I just saw a trek transporter with a really good two legged stand, made for the bike. Does it fit a regular bike? It does look like it would.

fietsbob 03-23-13 03:43 PM

The Esge ones are geared together and fold up on the left side to make the interference, in #14, not happen..


I just saw a trek trnsporter with a really good doulbe legged stand, made for the bike. Does it fit a regular bike? It does look like it would.
drop by your Trek dealer and have a look..

jawnn 03-25-13 12:27 PM

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I did not mean that kind of folding leg. But this one looks good but you gotta keep these greased inside. Cast aluminum can't be for heavy duty use in that possition, in fact they have a warning not to sit on the bike with the stand down.

Below is the Trek Transporter stand. It mounts 10.5" off the ground and is a little lower than the rear axle.
The legs are narrow enough to fit closer to the crank with out foot strike, but I think a regular bike stand mount is a bit higher. They are 9 to 10" wide.

My stand mount is 12.5" off the ground, and I use a 24" tire but the bottom bracket is level with the rear axle.
A regular bike with 26" tire it would be close to the same, maybe 12"?

So the legs would be above the chain and maynot fit right on regular bike, but looks like it will come close, folding down over the chain.

This stand looks very simmular:
This one is much nerrower.

kiltedcelt 03-26-13 08:20 PM

I have an Esge/Pletscher double leg kickstand on my commuter/tourer. I like it a lot and it certainly makes loading panniers much easier. However, I've never been able to adjust mine to a point where I could rotate the pedals through a full circle. I think the only way that works, at least on my frame, ends up meaning the kickstand will stick out too much on one side so that my heel will hit it when pedaling. I'm of course speaking of what some people mention being able to use the stand as a makeshift repair stand.

jawnn 03-27-13 01:21 PM

My crowcycle stand works as a workstand if I put some weight in the front box to hold the rear up.

Standalone 04-26-13 10:33 AM

Pletscher is good. I just put one on a Burley MTB tandem, and left it uncut. On grass it will dig in and be stable, on pavement, it holds the rear up a bit, but remains stable.

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