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storckm 01-11-13 07:00 PM

Schwalbe Marathon Supreme or Big Apple for my Yuba Mundo
I'm replacing the original tire in my Yuba Mundo, and want something that will last a long time and won't get many flats. I've patched two flats so far, and it's not too easy.

My first thought was the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme. However, the widest Supreme made is two inches wide, the same width as the original tire, and I'm wondering whether a wider tire would make a difference. The Big Apple can be had as wide as 2.35", and Surly makes some even wider tires.

What do you think?

salek 01-12-13 08:41 PM

After being stupid enough to change my sport bike from one-and-a-quarter to metric thin tires, I learned that fat is good. The BD came with Swalbe (Swallow) Big Apple (Gross Apfeln) tires. I try to run the widest tires that I can on my fleet. Wide tires with lower pressure seems to reduce my maintenance issues. I also run Mr. Tuffy liners in the tires. Big honking difference in the flat category!.
I think and suggest that the Mr. Tuffy product is more important than the tire.

Burton 01-13-13 04:53 AM

The Big Apples are excellent tires and while they may not be as light as the Marathon Supremes or have quite the same puncture protection - they are available in larger sizes. If you have the clearance - go for it! My largest tires are 2.5 and a anti-flat protection like Zefal aerosol sealant or FlatAttack in the tubes solves flat issues.

boberuddy 01-14-13 10:27 AM

I have the Big Apple 26x2.35, and have had no flats so far in a year of use. They roll much better than stock tires as well. I did install with Slime tubes, as changing the back wheel would be a hassle on the road. I hate the dropouts on the Yuba rear!

Unkabuzz 02-26-13 02:41 AM

I'm going to be using Kenda Kiniption 26 X 2.3 tires on my Yuba Mundo, just because I can put 80 PSI in them. Definitely looking into heavy tubes or Mr. Tuffy or something like that also........

busted knuckles 02-28-13 12:27 AM

will a bigger tire cause any chain rub?

tim24k 02-28-13 06:05 AM

I run 26X2.35 Big Apples on my Big Dummy, they had the best weight rating of 140kg at the time. And on cargo bikes load capacity that’s what it’s all about! Also no flats and it rides so very nicely.

boberuddy 02-28-13 08:18 AM

I had slight rub, but my Yuba is a custom build with one chainring on the front. i put in a slightly wider BB, and have no problems now. Not sure how the stock setup would work, but it is fixable with the right BB. I have the fat Big Apples mentined above.

mustang1 02-28-13 08:44 AM

i used marathons a few times. 700x35. i can only compare them to conti cx tires (same size). idk why, the marathons seem to roll slower. either that or i got out of shape by the time i tried these tires (hadnt ridden for a couple of months). the cx tires SEEEMED to ride softer yet faster but got plenty punctures. apart from speed and expense, marathom seem ok to me.

owenfinn 02-28-13 10:42 PM

The stock 2.125" Kendas on my Mundo are on their last legs. Thinking about what I should replace them with now. I have Big Apples on my small wheeled folding bike and love `em comfort wise but, I`d like to go slightly higher pressure and as wide as possible for the Mundo. I was thinking either 2.3" Kiniptions or 2.25" It`s Intense Micro-knobbies. I like the 2.5" Hookworms but chain-rub would be a problem. Any thoughts? Would these make for too harsh of a ride?

sjt78 03-01-13 08:39 AM

I would recommend the large big apples as well. I run them around40-50 psi and they roll so smoothly. They are not what is slowing me down on my 10 mile commute. I really had no idea I'd love them so much. I almost didn't get them thinking they might be too big. Luckily the place I got them only carries that size.

Unkabuzz 03-04-13 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by boberuddy (Post 15326562)
i put in a slightly wider BB, and have no problems now.

I am building up my mundo from a frame and ready to order a pile of parts including a Bottom bracket. What size did you put on yours and do you think it would clear a "2-chainring" setup as well? Any idea what the stock BB width is?


boberuddy 03-05-13 07:38 AM

I used 113mm bottom bracket on a Redline crankset. I have a single chainring on the outside, and the chain grazes the tire when on the largest cog. I have the "Big Apple 26x2.35" and love them. I built from bare frame as well, and don'y know what stock is????

coldbike 03-05-13 10:13 AM

The big apples roll faster when heavily loaded, but the marathon supremes are faster rolling at more moderate loads. I do not use mr tuffy liners, since they consistently make me at least 1 gear slower. The marathon supremes have excellent puncture protection built in, and the big apples also have some protection built in. I have big apples on 4 of my bikes.

Unkabuzz 03-07-13 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by boberuddy (Post 15346383)
I used 113mm bottom bracket on a Redline crankset.

I found out the stock bottom bracket is a 68X120mm. The closest I can find online are 118 or 121mm. I'm going to run a 2 speed chainring setup on the front and a 8 speed on the rear. The 121mm BB should give plenty of clearance with the 2.3 inch Kiniptions. I think adding liners won't be a problem at high PSI and a 2880 watt electric hub motor in the front. The motor weighs 18lbs. and the batteries are 25lbs. I'll keep the batteries in the back.

stevel610 03-20-13 06:17 PM

I love Big Apples. I have a pair with 26 x 2.15 on the rear and 26 x 2.35 front. AWESOME. I got a Novara Safari for which I ordered 28 x 2.0 Big Apples. They are very good and lighter, but not as cush as the larger tire. I think I might switch them out to the larger size. It's hard to explain how sweet the ride of these balloon tires are without experiencing it. Once you ride them, you'll like them.

Trower 03-20-13 07:17 PM

I really love Schwalbe's new Big Ben's. Really great tire, like it better than the big apple's.

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