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Velognome 01-15-13 10:57 AM

26" or 700c / large or short frames?
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So, I've been using a bicycle for most of my errands, round trips range from 5-20miles. I've been riding a MTB I converted to HD road use, dropbars, roadtires and fenders.

Works great, Linus Roll-up Panniers let me drop one bag at a time depending on what I need to haul, fully loaded with groceries, 60+lbs are an easy haul.

My curiosity is about ride quality. With a short frame (22") and 26" wheels, I've got plenty of stand over room, the wheels are husky and strong, it eats up pot holes and rough stuff, handles solidly fully loaded....but rides like a truck!

My roadbikes are 25" frames on 700c's

So, would a larger frame, 24" with 700x40 tires ride a little less truck like? I'm thinking I want to build an allarounder but maybe a dedicated utility bike like what I have is the better way to go?

Any input from experience would be greatly appreciated ( please no trailer suggestions)

fietsbob 01-15-13 08:25 PM

Door #3. I use my 20" wheel Bike Friday a lot, since I Bought it..

sloping top tube frames are all over the place depending on the slope..
determine your favorite effective top tube length, and go with that instead..

what is the top tube length dimension, on that bike?

Velognome 01-16-13 07:23 AM

it's 58cm. Door #3? Dedicated Utility? That's pretty much what I've got now. Just thinkin' "grocery getting" would be more enjoyable on a smoother ride. This one feels too much like work.

fietsbob 01-16-13 07:04 PM

Yea get another one with a 58 top tube, just dont add so many ways to carry stuff ..

Larger rider, consider a 29er. 700c but capacity of frame, for a 2" wide tire.

MadCityCyclist 01-16-13 10:42 PM

The thinner tire is more efficient in terms of rolling resistance/energy needed to travel, the wider tire will produce a smoother ride. I have a 700cc hybrid set up as a full-time utility bike, and I often use my fat bike as a utility bike. I use both to tow trailers. I ride the hybrid for the cross-town trips and the fat bike for my mid-town trips and when towing loads over 25 pounds.

The bigger tires also perform as shock absorbers when reacting to the momentum pushing the bike forward as you to stop. I never really noticed the difference until I had used the fat bike as a utility bike all last spring & summer. After getting used to that, the next time I used the hybrid to tow the trailer the difference was noticeable.

Frame size should be proportional to your size. Buy an oversized frame and your handlebar reach can be too far, you can have trouble dismounting or putting a foot down when stopping, etc.

Mr. Jim 01-17-13 10:06 AM

I've had both, for hauling stuff I vote keep the converted MTB. Your hauling bike feeling like a truck is ok, you are using it for one. The smaller wheels are stronger, less likely to have issues than larger wheels. Your current bike is working for you, I'd keep it.

Velognome 01-17-13 09:05 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 15165207)
Yea get another one with a 58 top tube, .

Ya, been thinkin' about a Surly LHT with some 36H rims to run 700x42's


just dont add so many ways to carry stuff ..

Got to, I use 2 panniers on a average run and 4 when I make a grocery run. This is the one bike that's only about function.


Your current bike is working for you, I'd keep it.
But I want something better...maybe....maybe it's just mid winter and the N+1 bug has hit?

ironwood 05-13-13 01:49 PM

Then there is 650b. However, with a large frame like the one you want, 700c wheels might be better.

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