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VanTiki 01-28-13 01:06 PM

The Pickle Barrel
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Wanted to share last weekend's project with you all: The Pickle Barrel

What is the pickle barrel? It is a platform/compartment for our dog Marzipan (a.k.a. The Pickle) for my Big Dummy. I built it out of birch plywood, stainless steel brackets bolts & screws, and some brass latches and hinges. The whole things is bolted to the bar of a xtracycle wide loader that has been collecting dust in my shop ever since I switched over to the xtracycle running boards. I coated the whole thing wiht several coats of marine sealer, and now that it is dry we will be taking it for test rides this week. Can't wait! I've attached a few shots of it - including one of Marzipan trying it out for size. More photos soon once we get on the road!

lucille 01-29-13 05:50 PM

Very cool!

VanTiki 01-29-13 07:37 PM

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Just had a successful maiden voyage to the market! Marzipan had a great time. I do want to get a cable for my kickstand so I can deploy it from the handlebars when I stop the bike. As always - there is "just one more thing" necessary to make my Big Dummy complete :)

RickBlane 03-23-13 07:44 PM

Very nice

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