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krobinson103 02-26-13 01:26 AM

My grocery getter/mule is.. perfect (for me anyway)
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She started life as a cheap mountain bike shaped object. Changed the crank to give me 48t at the top and added a better bottom bracket as well. Added a heavy steel rack rated at 50kg, a kid seat/basket sitting on said rack. Carries my 6 year old just fine as well as a lot of groceries. But it wasn't enough so I added a front basket as well expecting the front suspension to a write off. It isn't, in fact it works better now the the cheap pogo sticks are dampened by the movement of the basket on the pivot points. :) Add to that the fact that the cheap Shimano 7x3 drive train shifts almost as smootly as the deore on my mtb and the cool stop equipped vs stop me in no time. I have to say this makes an awesome grocery getter. :)

Took a bit of work to adapt some of the compents which weren't designed to work with a bike like this, but totally worth it.

badmother 03-01-13 02:14 PM

Looking good. Are you ok with the seatpost that much higher than the bars? I am getting old so I like them at the same level :). Is the child sitting in the basket?

Frogbutt 04-05-13 10:20 PM

I'm thinking of adding a front basket to my old beast. If I can find any kind of basket about the right size I'd probably be able to make it work.

krobinson103 04-05-13 10:32 PM

Just about any basket will work. Make sure it has supports going down to the axle/fender mounts though. Bounces around too much otherwise.

wahoonc 04-06-13 05:55 AM

I typically use the Wald baskets for general purpose hauling, they come in a variety of sizes.

Aaron :)

RickBlane 04-07-13 09:02 PM


Originally Posted by wahoonc (Post 15476516)
I typically use the wald baskets for general purpose hauling, they come in a variety of sizes.

Aaron :)

+1 on the wald baskets. Nice review at this link look in March posts

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