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swen0171 03-27-13 02:49 PM

2012 Big Dummy color and bags / Bar suggestions.
Has anyone seen the new Big Dummy in the grey, or seen any pics?

My LBS said he couldn't get the grey one until mid-April, don't know if that's nationwide. The black is in stock so maybe someone has seen the new bags and deck?

My sturdy 1988 Diamond Back MTB that I have been using as a utility bike (big rivendell baskets front and back) has finally bit the dust (broken rear brake post). I guess 25 years is enough for a aluminum frame.

So I'm thinking I will order a Big Dummy a little ahead of schedule. I was planning to wait another year until my boy could ride on the back, but now I'm without an everyday grocery hauling/commuting bike.

Also, I'm thinking about the Surly Open Bar, anyone riding a BD with one or want to comment on other bars?

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