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Tim199 05-13-13 12:01 PM

Rack advice
I'm sure this has been asked lots of times, but I've got lots of newb questions. I'd like to get a rear rack for my '95 hardtail Giant MTB but I'm also considering at some point in the future getting a road bike instead for easier commutes to the grocery store, etc and to use my mountain bike for trail riding without having the rack on it. Currently I use my kids trailer if I need to haul stuff, which does work but can be a bit of a parachute in the wind.

My question is, will standard racks fit on my current bike with the chariot trailer hitch cup attachment in place? And can I move that same rack over to a road bike when I eventually get one? Any good pointers for rack recommendations would also be appreciated. If no rack would go on both bikes that would change my priorities. I'd still need one that could fit with the chariot hitch cup if possible.

Let me know if you need pictures of my specific bike, but to let you know what the chariot attachment looks like, here is their video describing how it works.

Thanks for looking.

fietsbob 05-14-13 08:52 AM

Hitch hangs down, the rack goes up, there should be no interference.

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