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CycleTx 05-17-13 03:51 PM

Please help me pick a bike
Hello all, this is my first post to the board. I'm needing some help with picking a bike. What I'm looking for is a bike that will be my all around ride. I'd like to be able to go get groceries, visit freinds, take the dogs in a trailer to vet. and so on.

1st bike: Specialized daily 2 step through

2nd bike: Trek Allant WSD

I was looking in to a couple of schwinns but was told the're just not what they used to be. Thanks for helping.

no1mad 05-17-13 04:14 PM

The Specialized/Globe has a kickstand included and the fenders provide more coverage, plus the IGH will require less frequent servicing/cleaning. Downside is that it only has the 7 gears- depending on the size of the dogs and if you have any significant hills to contend with, you might benefit more from the Trek's 3x7 drivetrain.

CycleTx 05-18-13 07:11 AM

Thanks for the help. The area I'll be moving to doesn't have any hills really. It's mostly farmland. I did think about being able to change the gears later on if needed. The dogs are both about the size of cocker spaniels. They were adopted from the pound so I'm not quite sure what they are.......except cute :D If anybody has any ideas of how to train a dog for riding in a child or doggie trailer I'd appreciate that too. One of the puppies has a problem riding in the car (car sick). I'm wondering if she'd have the same problem being in a trailer.

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