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mas354 05-18-13 03:19 PM

are any of these a good deal to buy?
Hey everyone, thank you in advance for the help.

I am on the verge of purchasing a used bike. the main model i was looking at is a Trek 750 the asking price is $200- the owner says the bike has been through some maintenance. I am waiting on some more close-up pics to see which exact 750 sub-model it is.

also, i don't know if it can be noticed from the picture, but i am 5`3 and petite do you reckon it will work? she says she's 5`1 and it works for her, but it sounds like she knows even less about this things than i do.

my aim from the bike is really just riding around town and maybe on the road to more remote places like the beach and such. will this bike be good for that?
a friend recommended adding an extra 100$ and buying a new DIAMONDBACK, schwinn or GIANT.

this is the ad for the trek 750

this is another option i saw:

and this

not sure if this is a good one, Fuji mx-200

or this one a Schwinn, though i think it may be asking too much

thank you for any info you can provide!

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