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Bikerubbish 05-19-13 02:19 PM

My new surly big dummy
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salek 05-19-13 03:39 PM

Single thumb down: Your back deck does not have the beautiful wood deck that I am used to thinking as Surly's mark. Double the thumbs up: I dig the number of holes in the back deck for tying down cargo. I could seriously consider getting a back deck like yours.
Can't tell if you have the Surly front rack. If not, get it. Our grocery runs are easy. I put my 1984 Cannondale Overlands (still the best panniers ever made) on the *front* of my BD and they look good in spite of being large rear panniers. I can get a metric buttload of stuff home from the grocery store on this bike. Squeeze uses it in my absence though going together means even more food in one run.
My lovely parmachi has taken to really liking the BD. It may be a long assed single seat tandem in handling, but wow can it haul the food. She / we / I love the close ratio rear end. It can be fast if you want it to be.
I had a choice. I could buy the new Trek, the BD, or one of the "front loaders" from die Nederland. I chose the Big Dummy and have not had a moment of buyer's remorse.

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