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Bikerubbish 06-15-13 07:04 AM

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prathmann 06-15-13 07:25 AM

Looks like the center of gravity of the canoe is behind the trailer axle and would give you a negative tongue weight and poor handling. Do you have any issues on downhills? I use a simpler arrangement by putting my boat on a simple canoe cart and tying the bow directly to the seat rails of my bicycle (only works with a large frame with lots of clearance between the seat and rear wheel).

fietsbob 06-15-13 10:54 AM

I thought those BAW trailers were Modular,
re assemble the trailer with the wheel on the back and it will be under the center of the canoe..

Wilfred Laurier 06-15-13 11:43 AM

you have inspired me
although the only place close enough to ride with my canoe
is the river
and i keep my canoe on the public canoe racks next to the river

RWBlue01 06-15-13 01:09 PM

I would really like to do the C&O that way. Ride up float back.

Rowan 06-15-13 10:07 PM

Ummm... yeah.

What prathmann said about the balance. And really, you should use the hitch the way it was designed, then maybe move the axle on the trailer back to the rear to at least help balance the weight. Look at the picture on the portal page for BAW to see what I mean.

Bikerubbish 06-15-13 11:28 PM

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Rowan 06-16-13 01:43 AM

To be honest... forget about the trailer and canoe, I love the bike!

MichaelW 06-16-13 06:41 PM

Bike-canoe is a great way to travel in more watery parts but you really need to carry your bike when you paddle. There are loads of folding canoes but Alaskan style inflatable packrafts are becoming popular for this role in the UK.

Juha 06-17-13 06:08 PM

For an open top canoe, you don't need a trailer. Just a pair of wheels under (or a bit behind) the center of gravity, and a tow arm fastened to bow. Linder makes this setup, for example. As for me, I prefer closed top kayaks, so I'm shamelessly plugging Tony's Trailers Trayak. I have one, and I'm a very happy customer.


fietsbob 06-17-13 09:20 PM

Someone else in town, here, used the same [20"wheel] Burly Flatbed as mine as the center wheels under the Kayak..
and tied the bow line to the bike's rear rack.

ka0use 06-19-13 11:24 AM

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i moved mine with a pickup. it was way too long for the bed, so stuck the nose over the cab. it went way past the front bumper toward the overhead lines. had to stop traffic in the middle of sheridan to navigate around the stop lights. the truck was 4wd and sits way high (oversize tires):twitchy:

Wilfred Laurier 06-19-13 12:18 PM

there is a chap who lives on the highway near my town
and he carries his canoe in the bed of his truck

of course the canoe is much too long
and he has it stuck in diagonally
so the end of the canoe sticks diagonally out from one corner
and makes the truck 1 1/2 trucks wide

i can load my canoe onto the factory roof racks on my minivan
in about two minutes
but i am tall
i dont think my slightly shorter than average wife could do it as easily

Bikerubbish 08-27-13 07:17 PM


My canoe is no longer bike towable

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