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JusticeZero 07-30-13 01:47 PM

Mounting a big front basket?
Got a Sun Atlas X-type recently, after getting fed up with incessant repairs of my POS Giant lemon. I'm trying to swap things out, but the Wald 157 oversized front delivery basket is giving me pause.
The basket has two straight heavy struts in the center of the basket running down to connect to an axle. The fork on the X-type are straight thick bits of tubing, and the axle is directly in line with the tubing; I don't see how to get the needed clearance to mount the struts. (I assume the rake happens at the top of the fork.)

Any suggestions?

fietsbob 07-31-13 05:11 PM

newer wald struts have a larger axle hole and a smaller dropout eyelet hole ..

stand off spacers, in both cases will be a solution, if you have only the axle to mount the strut onto ,

get a longer axle , rebuild the wheel hub around it.. LBS should have a rear axle the longer would be in the rear..

you rededicate it as a front, with more end sticking out , x-fer the cones and bearings to the new axle

lock nut to hold the bearing adjustment etc.

then you have 1 set of nuts to hold the wheel into the fork,

some spacers , washers or you name it, and a second set of nuts to hold the rack on the axle.

Nightshade 08-01-13 11:03 AM

Use "P" clips to mount the basket. Be sure to use as large a bolt that will fit the clip.

MichaelW 08-02-13 05:59 PM

According to this pic, the Atlas has 2 eyelets, forward and rearward on the fork. A basket strut can bolt to the forward eyelet. Use a Nylock nut and some washers.

Turbo231 08-03-13 09:18 AM

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