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Clem von Jones 08-06-13 11:21 PM

Does anyone know what bike this is?
On ebay I noticed a parts seller using a gif image of a sexy long-bike. You might have to wait for 3 or 4 animated images to cycle until the two bikes show. Anyone know what frame that is?

Well-designed racks on both too.

fietsbob 08-07-13 11:03 AM

The song goes ..does anybody Care?

(oh, that was about knowing what time it is)

acrowder 08-21-13 12:12 PM

Looks cool, not nearly enough info though. Maybe there are some savants out there that will know the model based on that profile silhouette, but not me.

fietsbob 08-21-13 04:41 PM

A Taiwan seller's site?

If all you have is that outline , Seek a Custom Builder, who can make something Like It.

StephenH 08-22-13 05:51 AM

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Seems to be fairly distinctive, but I don't know what it is.

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