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icemonkey 08-25-13 03:54 AM

Skiidii Trailer Thread
Hello all, im new to this part of the forum as i normally hang at C&V or Mechanics. I first posted this in Car free, but it was suggested I move it here...

I spent days trying to find something on these trailers and failed I thought I would would write a few words for others out there. This is mostly for the British contingent as it seems they are mostly found here. I needed a get-around trailer for touring, camping and daily chores in my new country (the UK). At first I was looking at super expensive trailers by Bob or Burly (I have one in the USA) but I thought id take a chance on one of the e(vil)bay types. The Skiiddii trailer had a phone number attached (good sign) and so I gave it a call and organized to get down to the warehouse to collect a trailer direct (big discount). Anyway not only was the trailer only 50 pounds, I could inspect it before buying.

So this was the type I wanted as it took the heaviest load (60 kg) and was the lightest. The good news first: Its a bargain. An amazing, unbelievable bargain. Wow. In a place that a good espresso is $4, 50 for a whole working trailer is astounding.

Main good points:
It all fits together and works
Its well designed
It has a braided steel base and can work without the nylon cloth upper.
it takes an incredible 60kg weight when evenly distributed.
Its all metal... No plastic bits at the joints or hinges
It looks pretty damed good.
Cups and cone bearings are greased.
All stressed nylon areas are bar-tacked.
The trailer arm double locks into the trailer.
Heavy duty double bolted spring arrachment.
Lots of failsafe safety built in. (double this and double that).
The major loading surfaces are all reinforced to some extent and there is some stress relieving going on.

The not so good bits:

The cup and cone bearings were overtightened and would have scored badly if I had not tensioned them correctly.
the cosmetic plastic covers to the QR on the wheels fell off immediately - does nothing but looks rubbish.
The corner elastic on the (otherwise excellent) rain cover is weak and looks like it might break one day.
The stitching is a bit basic here and there.
The dropouts are aligned but about 3mm too wide for the hub - but the flex and a few spare washers sorted that.
Too wide to ride on to a train.
the trailer arm double locks into the trailer - but the plastic sleeve is a bit cheap. This has no structural purpose, but still a bit irritating.
The flag sits on the Right hand side, which is the wrong side for Britain.

The owner of the import company Jawad helps me build it up.

There are a few other things that were a bit irritating: The quality of the welds was workman like and ok, but as a bit of a welder myself I thought they were ugly. The paint is clearly just sprayed on and will chip off quite quickly - but no drips.
The weld off the BOB trailer copy.
The plastic sleve

Some of the other trailers

So what do I think overall? There is nothing likely to break that is important to me, its well made and at this price im quite frankly stunned. I rode with it on my old Bianchi for about 15 miles and took it on the train later. it all seemed just fine and fun. I will update this as I go along. All the best

Since I posted this yesterday in the wrong place I spoke to the importer again and he explained to me that he had a great relationship with the manufacturer in china and wanted more feedback to improve his trailers over the others out there. It all seems quite genuine. He is not really a bicycle guy (but he does ride a beater to his warehouse) so when I explained how the bearings worked he was quite impressed and said he'd be on to China about it.

icemonkey 08-25-13 03:58 AM

7 Attachment(s)
Something weird has happened to the photos... My internet connection here is terrible, so here they are again in no particular order. Just so you can see what I mean about the welds, the plastic sleeve, the stitching etc etc

icemonkey 09-06-13 02:52 AM

Update after a few weeks of use. The trailer is heavy but built like a T42. It takes a beating - it even took out a London taxi that would have taken me out. Wheels did need some truing affect a few days of delivering building materials across London, but they seem to be of the budget type, but work well now.
All in all a great buy.

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