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pathdoc 09-04-13 10:31 AM

Cool electric utility bike

Your thoughts?

lenA 09-04-13 10:37 AM

the goings on in the groin area is distracting

corrado33 09-04-13 10:50 AM

Yes because 100 lbs of cargo should DEFINITELY be traveling 20 mph...

And $4,800? I could buy a $2,000 beater CAR and insure it for YEARS before I'd reach the $4800 price tag....

Ranko Kohime 09-04-13 11:28 AM

I've had 300 lbs of cargo going 20 mph... Without an "electrical-assist engine". :D

turbo1889 09-04-13 03:22 PM

My first thought is "Only 100-lbs?"

Electric assist is very nice especially for cargo bikes when climbing a hill, but only a 100-lb is a little on the light side for a cargo bike.

Price tag is a little steep to say the least, One can just buy a Yuba and put an electric assist kit on it and come out with a smaller price tag and have up to four times the cargo capacity.

As to just getting a car, yah, I can see that in some ways (I am myself car-light not car-free) but some of us do understand the significant savings in both monetary fuel costs and reductions in pollution realized by an electric assist cargo bike compared to a car not to mention we might just like to still get our exercise and like to ride a bike. There are still certainly some loads a cargo bike can't handle, your not going to be hauling a load of those giant round hay bails on a cargo bicycle, you need a good 2+ ton farm truck for those.

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