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rebel1916 11-02-13 04:01 AM


Originally Posted by GeraldF (Post 16212332)
I give up. I'm going to take up tae-bo.

Good call, it's definitely mas macho.

JBC353 11-02-13 06:48 AM

I'm too damn old for that, which is why I ride a girlz bike. :p

oddjob2 11-03-13 03:54 AM

Use an MTB with road slicks. Basket by Lowes.

GeraldF 11-03-13 04:35 PM

This is just the type of setup I'm looking for (minus the lack of a step-thru frame, of course). If I really had to I suppose I could become more flexible and get used to swinging my leg over the basket. The bigger concern is dismounting. If I don't swing my leg high enough, or forget the basket is there, the bike will tip over and bring me down with it. I've tried lifting my leg over the top tube as an alternative and don't find this particularly safe or convenient.

After riding the Capital Bikeshare step-thru bikes in DC, as well as a folding bike, I've fallen in love with the practicality a step-thru frame offers. Too bad I'll never be able to own a full size step-thru frame unless I dish out $2,000 or make a trip out to Holland.

rdlange 11-03-13 10:47 PM

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My solution...

2_i 11-03-13 11:00 PM


Originally Posted by GeraldF (Post 16216078)
I've tried lifting my leg over the top tube as an alternative and don't find this particularly safe or convenient.

You can tilt the frame sideways to facilitate getting your leg over the top tube, but the problem occurs when the basket is loaded, as the bike may tip then over, slide and fall to the side.

JBC353 11-04-13 07:01 AM


Originally Posted by rdlange (Post 16217014)

Nice. I would love to find a big (24 - 25 inch) mixte frame. Unfortunately they only seem to be made in smaller sizes, I guess because people think they are girlz bikes. :rolleyes:

rdlange 11-04-13 08:51 AM

Some of them are quite large sized. As usual the larger sizes weren't ridden as much and lasted. Craigslist $80. They show up periodically. Notice the seat was pushed down all the way on mine when I got it. Pics eventually when I finish restoring it to usable status.

GeraldF 11-04-13 09:19 AM


Originally Posted by rdlange (Post 16217014)

What size is this frame?

rdlange 11-04-13 10:35 AM

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I'll have to measure, but not the highest. Just remembered 'for someone 6-3'! However, I have another Raleigh Japan mixte frame that is a little bigger - 21" I think.

This blue one was my first and I had 'mixte' blindness back then. Notice it is a 'stovepipe' or 'picklefork' mixte with the single primary tube and Bridgestone cast alum. "Technart" lugs. I have also seen Schwinn 'gran prix' with the same single tube frames.

Sorry if I seemed to mislead; sold as 'girls' bikes, alot of them in USA would be smaller frames. Still... Craigslist or even ebay local.

wahoonc 11-07-13 04:29 AM

The largest mixte frames I have seen recently have been 58cm (~23") Soma makes a very nice one. I have seen up to 60cm (~23.6") in the past. My road frames are in the 64cm range but I can ride 58cm if I use a longer handlebar stem. At my house we play hell getting bikes to fit. My bride rides 42cm(16.5") which is very hard to come by too.

Aaron :)

GeraldF 11-07-13 10:06 AM

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Thanks for the Soma suggestion. In another thread someone informed me of a new bike coming out, the 2014 Novara Barrow. The "Seat Tube Center-Top" is listed as 20.5". REI claims that this has a height range of 5'11"-6'3" but I'm skeptical. I guess I'll have to wait until the store gets the bike in stock so I can take it for a test ride.

The Forza/Corsa REI bikes are listed at 23.7" and claim to be for 6'0"-6'3". Both the Barrow and the Forza/Corsa have an Effective Top Tube of 23.6". I guess a mixte frame of 20.5" equates to a road bike frame having a seat tube a few inches bigger. This makes shopping for a bicycle very confusing!

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