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chrisabn 10-10-13 03:41 PM

Recommendations for carrying books/groceries/misc
Hey guys.

I recently started commuting every day to school with my bike, the Globe Work 1. My bike right now has no cargo space at all. Sometimes I take my backpack, some other times I take both my guitar (gig bag) and a messenger bag (for books) strapped to my back, which can be a hassle sometimes.

So I was looking at cargo options and thought of maybe getting a rear rack and dual panniers, but I'm not sure which models might work well. I just need enough space for a couple of big books, my U-lock, and some groceries which I occasionally pick up when coming back. Although I'm fine with carrying my guitar in my back, I want to put everything else on the bike instead of my back.

Is there something that comes off the bike and doubles as a backpack/messenger bag? What models would you recommend?


Yo Spiff 10-10-13 03:58 PM

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I've now and then seen briefcase style bags that have pannier attachments, but they are generally slim and meant to hold a computer, not groceries.

I have a Topeak rack trunk with fold out panniers. It also comes with a shoulder strap. I don't often use it that way, but when I do need to, I am surprised at how well it handles.

What about something like this:

Yo Spiff 10-10-13 04:01 PM

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This looks very close to what you are describing, and also has a bit of a messenger bag appearance to it:

Here's another one along those lines:

Lanovran 10-10-13 09:53 PM

I'm more familiar with Bontrager's products, myself, so here are a few ideas from their line:

Pannier with backpack straps:
Messenger bag/briefcase pannier:
Trunk bags (which include shoulder straps for carrying off the bike):

no1mad 10-10-13 10:27 PM

What's your budget like? No sense in suggesting an Arkel Bug if all you can afford is a Wald folding basket and continue using your continue using your current backpack placed inside the basket.

fietsbob 10-10-13 10:33 PM

yea, Wald is still made in Kentucky many basket options.

Klick Fix makes a seat post fitting mount. and a backpack with a fitting to click into it ..

German Exports,,

chrisabn 10-11-13 06:54 AM

The Bontrager and the Topeak trunk bag/panniers look pretty much like what I need. I would ideally spend no more than $100, plus the rack. Hopefully I can find some of the suggested models in a local shop to play around with them a little bit before buying.

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