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owenfinn 10-17-13 07:53 PM

Minivelo Longtail - need shopping pannier advice
The Louis Garneau LGS MV Cargo is a new 20" minivelo longtail available now here in Japan. I think it would make a nice birthday present for my wife. She would be using it primarily for shopping so I was looking into shopping panniers that could be used with it. Any suggestions?

no1mad 10-17-13 09:43 PM

Are you thinking the bigger bags like those found on the BD or smaller ones that can be popped off and carried into the the store when shopping?

owenfinn 10-18-13 05:31 AM

I think she`d prefer bigger bags that could just be left on the bike. Something like a Yuba Go-Getter but it`d have to be much smaller to avoid heel strike on this bike.

fietsbob 10-18-13 10:25 AM

I have the Front Pannier rack on my Bike Friday, And I use them constantly I can even load on top of them.

I dont have a rear rack.. maybe those big Dutch bags like clever cycles in PDX OR sells would work .

I have another bike with regular pannier racks and pop the panniers off and fill it at the check out counter
then put them back on..

I think there is a Custom bag maker in Japan, a Mr Watanabe ? he can make something perfect.

no1mad 10-18-13 03:58 PM

I didn't see measurements, but maybe the Kona Big Ute bags? They mount using hooks and you might be able to move them a bit to help with heel clearance. It they aren't adjustable, consider replacing with Arkel hardware.

owenfinn 10-20-13 02:49 AM

Thanks - the Kona regular size bags look like they might work. I'm thinking maybe Edgerunner bags would work better because they are made for the small 20" wheels - just not sure if I could get them here in Japan.

Philphine 10-20-13 06:18 AM

i was just foolin' when i did this, but if some one makes this style basket in a larger size
(my micro cargo)

one of those detatchable handlebar baskets. one on each side could pop on and off when you want them.

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