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GeraldF 10-20-13 11:29 PM

Front basket that won't block headlight
I have a headlight mounted to the handlebars of my mountain bike (has front shocks). I'd like to add a front basket, but I have two concerns:

1) Will the headlight get in the way when I attempt to mount the front basket to the handlebars?
2) The mountain bike handlebars have a fairly thick diameter (7/8-inch?)

I'm leaning towards purchasing the Avenir Quick Release Front Wheel Basket

Most other baskets tend to not be compatible with the thick handlebars of mountain bikes. Any recommendations for a basket that will satisfy my two concerns? Thanks.

wahoonc 10-21-13 09:33 AM

Fork crown/brake mount the light, they make adapters that will mount the light down low on the fender bosses or axle skewer. I have had handle bar mount baskets that had a cut out for the light, however if you load the basket up it will block the light. You might be able to rig some sort of adapter on the bottom of the basket to mount the light to.

On one of my bikes I mounted the light to the leg of the basket (I know, your set up is not the same), however there are many ways to mount lights, other than the conventional handlebars.

Aaron :)

StephenH 10-21-13 11:21 AM

I use a skewer-mounted light. I'm not using that with a basket, but it wouldn't interfere with a basket.
If the basket is permanent, then the bottom side of the basket might be the ideal mounting place.

curly666 10-21-13 02:39 PM mounted lights on a Minnora mount under stem so I can use handlebar bag or whatever on the handlebars above.

fietsbob 10-22-13 11:05 AM

Split a round thing in half ,& attach it to the top front edge of your basket and fit the light bracket there

battery lights assume 'handlebar' so if its about that 7/8 inch round thing .. That will do..

the basket you show uses the handle to lock the QR on when riding, and so the light would be off center , obviously.

LBS, here, sells them .. convenient..
lift the handle , take it in , do the shopping , set it back on the hooks left on the bike, fold the handle down, and ride off..

VanTiki 10-22-13 03:11 PM

I use (and love) the PDW carry out basket. It has a threaded hole on the side to attach a light.

MichaelW 10-23-13 02:40 AM

Those hook-on basket mounts are a PITA. My friend had one and I switched the mount from bent wire to a Rixen and Kaul basket bracket. These bolt on to any basket and come in permanent or quick-release handlebar fixing. They are rock solid and can carry heavy loads.
Fork crown is a useful mounting option. Other people use the front of the basket.

chaadster 10-23-13 09:08 AM

Or an integrated bar/basket combo like Origin8 Classique Cargo allows mounting on the lower frame of the basket, right out front, or in a more traditional location, at hand, up on the handle bar.

jdswitters 10-25-13 10:47 AM


old innertube on front of basket, cut to fit the light you want.

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