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sttlesks 11-08-13 10:51 PM

Help with bell copilot model A trailer please
I came across a new condition bell copilot model A trailer for very cheap. This one exactly the only problem is it didn't come with wheels. I have some other trailer wheels that don't fit, the axle connection type/length being the issue. It looks to me is that it has a spring loaded piece on the axle slot that goes into a notch on the end of the axle. Does anybody have this trailer or able to tell me about the wheels/axle type on the included wheels? or any other advice? Thanks. I will get pics up asap.

sttlesks 11-11-13 02:15 AM

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sttlesks 11-11-13 02:19 AM

this is the only axle I found that looks long enough and has that groove for this type of connection? The wheel looks very similar to the one in first link I posted.

10 Wheels 11-15-13 12:56 PM


fietsbob 11-15-13 01:01 PM

:wtf: read your own tape, your self. what are the numbers ?

Plastic spoked wheels like Skyway tough wheels have a pressed in pair of cartridge bearings .

if the As Is Bearing ID is not right buy another set of replacement bearings that Do Fit ,
and replace the ones they used

sttlesks 11-18-13 05:45 AM

I guess I wasn't clear enough. Bearings are not the issue, it's the way the axles attach to the frame. I don't have a clue about trailers or the the wheels/axles that are commonly used. The axles of the wheels I have are clearly not made for this trailers type of setup. Like I said before, I am clueless and trying to gain some insight after researching this issue. I can read my tape just fine, the problem is I can't find on any website the axle length to see what I would need.

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