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no1mad 11-26-13 04:13 PM

QR front basket?
I'm thinking about trying out a front basket. Not gonna put too much weight in it. Thinking QR because there are times when I flip my bike upside for minor repairs and I'm afraid one that is bolted on will not allow me to do so.

I'm aware that not all QR systems are created equally, so looking at the results of a search on Amazon, are there any to shy away from?

wahoonc 11-26-13 08:11 PM

I have a Wald 933 but I don't think they make it anymore. It does the job, but so does the Wald 137 which is what I use on my beer bike, along with a set of the folding rear baskets. The fixed basket doesn't keep me from turning the bike upside down if need be.

Aaron :)

gregjones 11-26-13 08:55 PM

I've been thinking about a Wald 137. It's not removable, but it looks like it would hang low enough to flip over with any sort of rise in the bars.

That eBay seller has it for the best price with shipping I had found at a week or so ago.

fietsbob 11-28-13 03:33 PM

there are smaller ones , that hang the support from the bars , but ,
lifting the handle lets you take the basket in and do your shopping and then remount the basket ,

folding the handle down, locks it in place ..

the more rigidly fixed ones will haul more weight maybe a boxed Pizza?

Wald's version of a Porteur rack,

but not really capable of hauling several Bundles of Newspapers through the Pave of Paris, daily..

MichaelW 11-28-13 06:27 PM

I replaced the hook-on mount on a friend's metal basket. Rixen and Kaul do several different ones: a good quick-release, a locking QR and a permanent mount. The mounting plate screws onto the basket and the handlebar mount is the same as their barbags (similar to Ortleib)

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