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mestizoracer310 12-08-13 11:12 PM

My "new to me" 70s KHS Gran Sport mixte
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Picked up this 48cm frame mixte to use as a towing rig (I use a trail gator to tow my daughter's 20" wheeled bike) to replace the towing duties of my street tire equipped MTB. Got it for $40 from craigslist.......swapped out the bars to risers, longer seatpost and 700c wheels (parts I had lying around).

Planned use after my daughter outgrows the need for the bar-which means i can't ride from my house (towing it behind me, unoccupied to get her) is probably going to be a grocery getter...rear rack, panniers or folding baskets.

What do you guys n gals think?

noglider 12-11-13 08:52 PM

I think you got a bike that is up to the tasks at hand. Good luck, and please post your progess.

mestizoracer310 12-16-13 03:39 PM

Made several pick ups since posting, with no issues.... :)

rdlange 12-20-13 11:37 AM

I think a mixte makes a great utility bike. Of course that's what I use mine for. Kept 27" wheels. Just got some Club Roost Terra tires for it. Now I need a front rack. Happy holidays.

wahoonc 12-20-13 01:37 PM

Nice ride :thumb: KHS was good stuff back then. I love that style of mixte, just wish I could find one in a very large size.

Aaron :)

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