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Hirohsima 12-16-13 02:27 PM

DIY - Home-made Xtracycle running boards
I know Xtracycle came out with new aluminum side steps to replace their heavier wood ones... but I liked the old wood ones. Looks classy. Here is my take on it.

-Used 1/2 plywood.
-Strengthening rib running the full length of the board which is glued and pocket holed with a Kreg jig
-Rib has two sets of slots to fix a flashlight underneath or for strapping whatever I want under.
-Re-used my used once wide loader bars and cut them down.
-3" hole with (3) 2" holes for decoration and to allow me to use as a tie-down if necessary
-1/4" round-over bit to match the snap-deck profile
-6 coats of water based poly - although sadly I did not notice until after that the snap-deck uses oil based poly so the color does not match

Rear lights are some Chinese 90 lumen blue and red (lost my green for xmas) flashlights

Nightshade 12-17-13 01:43 PM

Quality workmanship and good design equals beautiful steps!!!!!

salek 01-25-14 06:53 AM

Wow, makes my first attempt at a set look terrible. And, mine are terrible. They may be functional, but mine look nasty.
I, too, had planned on mounting "running lights" on the outer edges to give my bike some "width" in the dark.

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