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chaadster 12-21-13 07:41 PM

I thought about you guys today...
...when I saw a woman riding down the sidewalk with one hand on the bars and the other trailing behind her, gripping, gloveless (it's late Dec in Michigan), the front of a supermarket shopping cart.

While I admired her determination and ingenuity, I really felt delighted to know there are several, much better ways to accomplish such a task as hauling the groceries home! I'm thankful for that too.

bluegoatwoods 01-01-14 09:39 PM

I can't help thinking that someone who does it that particular way is not doing it voluntarily.

I'm still glad she's out there doing it. And I hope one day she'll suddenly realize that it's fun.

But I'll bet she doesn't think so now.

niuoka 01-04-14 01:15 PM

any bets the shopping cart was retured

MEversbergII 01-04-14 10:49 PM

If my neighborhood is any indication, no it wasn't.


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