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MEversbergII 04-03-14 07:45 AM

Double Kickstands - Rear wheel or centre mount?
I don't care much for single leg kick stands. They're almost completely useless for cargo loading and don't work well at all off of something hard. They also make the bike pretty easy to knock over. So probably the first order of business on my upcoming cargo bike is to replace the stock one (sacrificing it to the Elder Gods, of course) and getting one more suited for what I actually use a bike for.

Looking at two options. First is the more common centre-mounted double stand:

The second is a little more vintage-y - a rear wheel stand:

Both look suitable and both are available. It'll be a hub gear bike with a chain case (retrofitted). I'm more inclined to say the rear wheel one would be more useful, since it doesn't lift one end of the bike off the ground away from the pivot point. However, they might have their own hidden hells I don't know about. Which would you choose, and why?


wahoonc 04-03-14 12:18 PM

I use both, no issues with either. I use the rear one on a Raleigh Tourist with full chaincase, the regular center mount on my city bike and touring bike. I would also suggest a steering stabilizer too. FWIW I don't use one on the Tourist but do on the other bikes.

Aaron :)

2_i 04-03-14 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by MEversbergII (Post 16637885)
Which would you choose, and why?

A good center stand, one that does not interfere with pedals, can serve as a workstand. You can tilt the bike to rest on the rear wheel and work on the front and reversely. I hardly ever use any other stand. Also in my observation the rear wheel stands require provisions in the frame that are only common in particular markets, and specifically in Asia and maybe Netherlands.

Joe Perez 04-16-14 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by 2_i (Post 16638853)
A good center stand, one that does not interfere with pedals, can serve as a workstand.

^ This. Quite handy with heavier bikes.

On my e-bike, which is built on a conventional MTB frame, I have a stand which is somewhat of a variation on the first one posted. Actually, I started out with that exact same one, but tired of the chain always rubbing on it. I can't remember the exact unit I installed, but it was conceptually similar to this:

It's a pretty nifty design. Folds up onto one side when stowed, springs out automatically when deployed. Every bit as stable as the one it replaced, but lighter, smaller and less obtrusive.

mel2012 04-16-14 03:53 PM

I haven't tried a rear-mounted kickstand, but if you are getting a longtail cargo bike or long john, having a kickstand at the very rear of a long wheelbase might not be that helpful in stabilizing the bike.

I absolutely love my Ursus Jumbo kickstand:
Ursus Bicycle Kickstands (Alloy Double Leg KickStand JUMBO) - Albabici Cycling Products

It's a little tall, but it is rock solid stable because it spreads so wide and the legs are so thick. That plus my Velo Orange wheel stabilizer make it possible to put almost any load (including wiggly kids) on my mixte bike (the downside being that the kickstand is about 1/3 the weight of the bike).

I have a Hebie double kickstand on my Fr8 cargo bike. It's nice as well and has held up to lots of abuse but is less readily available in the United States. It also doesn't stow as well.

I initially had the Evo Mass Load kickstand linked above on my mixte, and maybe it was user error, but I had a very hard time deploying and stowing the kickstand and it definitely didn't feel as stable, especially on uneven ground.

fietsbob 04-17-14 03:06 PM

(can't send pictures )

fabricated my own rear prop stand .. ground contact was a C like 3 tubes + 6 nylon plugs in the tube end of the triangular struts to the pivots

by having a bigger surface than the one shown at the top , the bike stood up on some pretty soft turf ..

Ground I could push the tent pins in, easily ..

MEversbergII 04-18-14 08:35 AM

So overwhelmingly in favor of a centre mount; makes sense, as it can be an impromtpu repair stand as well. I might spring for both and try each first hand. Mel, thanks for mentioning the VO stablizer; I had been eying one over at Dutch bike bits. VO might save some on shipping!


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