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urbanescapee 06-16-14 11:20 PM

Single vs. Double leg kickstand for longtail bike
I realize there are a lot of posts about kickstands, but I would like to hear from any fellow longtail owners who have used both single and double leg kickstands on their bikes. I have a double kickstand mounted on my very recently acquired Trek Transport but I just discovered that the kickstand is badly corroded on the inside of the plastic adjustable leg extensions and it will need replacement. I'm used to my commuter bike being tippy on the kickstand when I have just a single pannier loaded, but it's just as stable when heavily and evenly loaded as when it's completely unladen; my experience so far with the longtail has been similar. Now I'm thinking about just replacing the double kickstand with a single to save myself a lot of money since I'm not really seeing an improvement in stability. I know some double kickstands allow for easier maintenance but that benefit is a rather low priority for me. So, anyone tried both single and double on their longtail bike and have a strong preference for one? If so, for what reasons?

fietsbob 06-17-14 12:45 PM

Xtracycles get their own its a super wide 2 leg .. Steel Hebie 2 leg may be better than the cast aluminum Esge.


Esge legs are adjusted for length with a Hacksaw. ..

amdoo 06-17-14 08:33 PM

Disclaimer: I have only used a single.
I've been using a Big Dummy with the stock single leg for a few years without any problems. Weekly grocery runs between 70 and 125 pounds sometimes with my son in a Chariot, a bunch of Goodwill runs with bulky, awkward loads, etc. I'm sure that I'd love a double if I had one but the single works fine. I guess it depends on where the mount is located on the frame. In that regard, the BD is a vey well designed frame.

KamikazeKunze 07-15-14 08:51 AM

I pondered this same issue when building my BD recently. In the end I paid the money to and purchased the Xtracycle Kickback.
It is very convenient to have the centerstand not only for loading and such, but I don't have a bike stand at my place so it is nice to slide a 2x4 under the center stand and tune things.
My one complaint from the Kickback on the BD is that he plastic puck needs for the BD frames only sticks on with double sided tape. No room for screws like the Xtracycle puck. I experienced some chain slap and it ripped the puck right off. When my replacement shows up I will use a high grade RTV silicone to attach it.

Hope this helps.

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